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[Level Pack] VR_ARENA v1.1



VR_ARENA is a map pack that aims to completely restructure Battle Mode by turning it into an extended intermission between Races.
Yes, it's Battle Plus enabled.

Included Levels:

Split Level is the first of the arenas, as well as the biggest, comprising of two large 4096x fracunit
platforms, with elevators moving between them every two seconds.


Cross Breeze is an arena comprised of a ring of solid ground around the exterior, with an "X" of wind
currents to quickly cut across to the other side. Be careful not to bump in midair!


Lattice Lament is easily one of the most dangerous arenas, composed solely of tiny platforms with
thin bridges constantly moving up and down. The red warning lights will flash when the bridges are about
to change position, so heed them!


Possibly the most cleverly named map in the pack, Figure Straight is a regular "hold accelerate to win"
map, with an upper level accessed by teleporters that will launch you into danger if you're not careful.


Conveyor Conundrum may appear safe at first, but don't be fooled– the steep slopes and quick conveyors
will prove difficult to navigate for even the most meta of statblocks. Stay out of the middle if you can help it!


Many players are confused when they initially spawn into Wave Room, but as soon as the match starts,
all involved will quickly realize why the items are all suspended in midair.
Although you can host this battle pack on any old battle mode server, it is HIGHLY recommended to host these maps on a LessBattleVotes-enabled server, as these maps are all very small and chaotic, and battles rarely take over two or three minutes. LessBattleVotes makes switching to Battle more of an intermission and less of a total gamemode switch, and voting fits much more fluently with this pack.

Also included optionally is "HideOtherBattle.soc". If you didn't guess from the title, this hides all vanilla battle maps, as well as any custom battle maps included with an otherwise race-focused pack. Essentially, it makes battle mode exclusively VR_ARENA maps so that battles are always concise and chaotic.
- Initial release
- Initial Message Board release
- Added some fences so that using sneakers doesn't suck
- Fixed Wave Room spawning items 128 fracunits above the maximum height of the wave


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