[Reusable] Virtual Boy Blast 2.

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Releasing a update as the cyan bit of the palette wasn't changed since I thought it was mainly used for the transparent pixel via XWE. *Turns out ACZ's Sky uses this and so if you looked up in first-person mode with ACZ's sky you'll get blinded by the cyan bit.*

Altered some bits here and there and hopefully doesn't become an eyesore to some but then again maybe not.
Ever wanted to play SRB2 on the Virtual Boy? Now's your chance with this file. *Virtual Boy system not included.*

Jokes aside, this is just a simple palette swap to kinda make it look like you're playing it on the Virtual Boy. The palette isn't perfect due to some lightning issues in dark areas but I suppose this should be good enough for a release. By the way... playing CTF with this file is not recommended.

The Shield Monitors have been given a Letter to hopefully help identify them in this file.

[Shield Monitor ID Chart]
N -> Armageddon Shield
F -> Force Shield
E -> Elemental Shield
W -> Whirlwind Shield
A -> Attraction

As per usual, if there's any problems, let me know.


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With SRB2 being 3D and having a FP-mode, this would have been a killer app playing it in first-person on a VB, minus all the headaches and other problems the system could cause.

Good stuff.
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