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[Reusable] V_Speedbooster_resource-V2.1

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Ported from 2.1 to 2.2, these boosters just needed a pallet conversion.

"But don't we have thing based speed pads now?" Yes we do, but they're weak in comparison. Just take a look!


So while we have the Speed pads in the base game, these custom assets provide that much more speed being designed with SRB2's Friction and quick deceleration in mind. (Auto-brake not factored in)

Map thing numbers are as follows:
2045: Minor (Blue) Speed: 50
2046: Mega (Yellow) Speed: 150
2047: ULTRA (Red) Speed: 250

2.1 Fixed point issue after cause was revealed


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Seems good now. Is it intentional that the new boosters give you 10 points per usage?


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No, that's a hardcode issue I asked about on the Discord server. no solution was found, but it also didn't get in the way of using it either.

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Issue relates to Reaction time being higher than 0. Since 2.2 there have been added Casino Night bumpers, which they check that value for how many times they can give you 10 points, before you step on ground. I had similar issue with something spring related, which I resolved with Monster Iestyn.

BTW if you really ported this, because vannila ones's strength. You can always soc edit them. Well if you find in source code their Mapthing name. They should be pretty much same in terms of behavior, just they spawn additional objects on side.
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Well I also have a personal preference for the boosters I made both because they look cleaner (the paper sprites for the pads have holes), and because of the work I put into making these.

So reaction time is the reason huh? Well I should be able to fix these boosters in a few minuits then.


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I created the 2.2 speed booster objects, and the decisions made for them to deviate from your resources were very intentional.

The bright colours and 3D design are readable from a distance, even at small resolutions - which can't be said for 8-angle sprites that are predominantly black, save for those minor highlights not visible at all angles. The gaps are a consequence of minor errors in papersprite rendering which have already been fixed in an in-development branch.

The lower strength is because your boosters are ridiculously powerful. Try jumping repeatedly to keep your momentum going, or spinning (which is forced on the vanilla boosters if you apply the ambush flag, even for non-spin characters ala Zoom Tubes), and you'll see that the slowdown in your gif is simply because you expect to be forced forward continuously without any input, which isn't how boosters function even in official games (other than 06, which isn't what we should be looking to for good game design).

Hopefully this answers your queries regarding them, and provides interesting insight into the choices made.
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Actually, my expectations on boosters was based upon Chemical Plant zone of Sonic 2. In that one you don't decelerate so fast.

My boosters during development encountered the high deceleration problem early on (Blue level) even while pressing forward. There was a reason that Sapphire Frost was the first level I made with these boosters

I made the higher power ones to compensate for the deceleration knowing full well that spinning into them would give you a bigger boost than running into them. I wound up even designing jump ramp trick shots with this behavior in mind too. (see Kimokawaii: Magmor, and Magmor section of final level.)

Anyway I can see where you're coming from. My boosters arn't really optimal for dark spaces and come off as flat compared to yours. Not to mention you don't always need the kind of power my boosters provide. But since I was going to port them for my own maps anyway, I figured why not re-release them anyway? Besides, they come with bonus Development textures now and the wad works as an example for how to set up the sector based speed pads and floor friction too.

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