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Trip the Sungazer (WIP)

Trip the Sungazer's here!

The current sprite I have done is STNDA1.


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SIGNA0 is done!
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Yet another Trip mod I see. The CSS art looks really cute! Also pro tip for upscaling sprites without making them blurry:
Take the sprites in whatever app your using to make them
Zoom into the sprite
Then take a screenshot/screen snip of the sprite.
This is how it will look:
Screenshot 2024-03-20 151128.png
waitin on it! hope its good, take all the time you need! (also did anyone else hope a bit that trip would actually be a VILLAIN and not the whole "oh yeah they were forced" thing guess im just a sucker for orange villains! look at my pfp for proof! also im gonna make my oc a mod! with ashura and modern amy because lore significance in oc lore)
I'm making some Lua code for the mod at the moment. The jump cling is... almost done? Though, I need an answer from you guys on something. Should I have a Crouch + a Spindash, or just the vanilla Spindash?


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Just Vanilla spindash, as everyone is used to just pressing a single button.
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I care about both :)
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Apparently, people actually care for this mod. I thought everyone was paying attention to @Cheeseboi!'s Trip mod. Here's a work in progress look at STNDA2, I guess.

View attachment 115859
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Final STNDA2.

View attachment 115914

what do ya know, @Cheeseboi! himself liked my post.
Sorry to break it to you, but Trip actually has a nose.
Trip does have a custom color, so it looks natural. The precise coloring of the sprite is necessary, so the game can color it correctly. Also, Trip looks good with other colors, too.


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Finished Character Select logo!
Trip Logo.png

It's going to be compressed, obviously :worry:
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New and totally working cling!
it doesn't actually work :dramahog:
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Sorry for the radio silence, I was working on a Hat Kid mod.
To make up for the lack of progress, I'll attach a work in progress build.

for some reason, if you hold spin while spamming jump, you'll be able to use the cling jump infinitely. please tell me how to fix this, this is a bug for all my mods :(


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Finally a Trip mod! I thought I was gonna have to learn lua and become a sprite beggar just to see something like this. Just make sure to give her the ability to be gay as F&#k around Amy or else you'll learn what happened to the last guy who forgot about that./s
Just figured out how to change the text editor to dark mode.
the rest of the screen is still pure pain, though :dramahog:
actually though, I need to know how to access dark mode :threat:
Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 2.34.31 PM.png

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I've redone the SIGNA0 sprite, and it looks much better in my opinion. What do you guys think?

SIGNA0 2.png
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