1. Tyonic

    Rift Pack V1.0

    The racing pack from times past is now back on the track with a whole new coat of paint to boot! check the details in this fancy little infograph: (video coming soon) And to the inclusion of followers here's the starting line up, eventually every racer will have an accompanying follower...
  2. Mu Suwi

    [Open Assets] Trip the Sungazer 1.0

    Trip the Sungazer from Sonic Superstars - unmasked! Her rivals are Fang, Eggman and Amy. Mighty's character select sprite was used as a guideline. Her voice is english Jack-O from GGST (Nicole Tompkins)
  3. LeoTheHedgehog12

    Trip the Sungazer (WIP)

    Trip the Sungazer's here! The current sprite I have done is STNDA1. 1710778653 V2 1710799255 SIGNA0 is done!