character modding

  1. ct57

    Can't find modded character on Ring Racers character select screen.

    Hi folks, I'm admittedly very green when it comes to modding but wanted to try my hand at modding one of my comic characters into Ring Racers for fun (I enjoy the spriting a lot more than coding, which I'm completely inept with). Anyway, I made a copy of the transparent kart modder folder and...
  2. kirbgreen

    Cheeseslime for Srb2

    a work in progress srb2 character from pizza tower that i am making (Note: )
  3. bennascar

    Sunova Chars (Spriters and maybe coders wanted?)

    Hello, everyone! This is the first time I've posted anything in here, so to properly introduce myself real quickly, my name's Ben. I'm a pixel artist and have been for around 8 years or so, and I wanted to show off what I've been working on for around 2 or 3 weeks? I've recently started work on...
  4. The_Turtle_Guy

    Project Gentleturtle (A Character Mod, WIP)

    Alr, it's actually been around 6-7 months developing this mod. Beforehand I also worked on a custom level, but I thought it'll be good to try making a character mod while also learning how LUA works in SRB2. Here's a preview of the character : A gentleman turtle (gentleturtle for this case)...
  5. Gomero_Z

    Team (Insert Team Name Here)!

    Hey guys! Gomero's Here, just wanted to say some things about the mod and other things, the mod of Sebas, The Human, my other mod is going well... But... Im starting to see to some Character Mod Teams, i played the mods, and is actually AWESOME, so i was thinkin... "Hey, what if you MAKE...
  6. LeoTheHedgehog12

    Trip the Sungazer (WIP)

    Trip the Sungazer's here! The current sprite I have done is STNDA1. 1710778653 V2 1710799255 SIGNA0 is done!
  7. Mr. Lunar

    is there a way to make character mods on a chromebook/fully on a browser?

    You see, I have no way to get a PC/a android(:dramahog:) and the only way I can play srb2 is the web port. I REALLY wanna make a Pikachu mod, but I cant, since I have a iPhone and a chromebook. Help would be appreciated!!:grin: 1710534400 (its a joke mod btw)