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[Reusable] Token Hunt

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Something small I decided to come up with, in order to win the level, you have to find every token. For the best experience I recommend doing it in multiplayer.


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Welcome to releases! Though, there may be levels where the lack of an exit winds up making you unable to clear the level with the lack of the ability to backtrack from it. I suggest making the exit serve as a teleporter, which may not be foolproof, but should make more stages compatable.
There may also be issues where a level is unable to be completed because a token is on a character-specific path. This occurs as early as GFZ2. May be best to allow for a minimum token count for completion instead of forcing to get all of them.


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Recently hosted a netgame with this, and you can encounter a softlock if the level has no Tokens to begin with. Exit sectors will be broken & the end sign will be a pole without Eggman's face on it.
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