The Exotic Exotic Butters (FNAF VR : HW)


many act like me, but they just aren't me!!
With the release of "FNAF VR : Help Wanted", i thought i had to make the BEST character in the series a Racer!.
Say hello to...
...wait what about we can't put THAT one?...
...Exotic Butters i guess...

Well...lets just say its slippier than a butter.

You get it?, cause it's a butter.

I regret this and at the same time, i don't.

Speed : 7
Weight : 3

Version's Changelog :
V1 :
*Initial Release


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Probably Responsible
After thinking abut it for a few days, I decided to let this through. I feel like I've let in... simpler characters than this one. I guess... it's okay.


You can't hear the sound byte at the end. Too quiet.

That and it's not very talkative in general. Even if all his voice clips were the same audio file, I'd prefer that. If anything, it'd add hilarity to the character. It's better then being in total silence and only having a quip near the end, IMO.

Also not fond of the end goal pic. It looks low effort compared to the decent sprites on the cart, and I don't understand the use of "Butter Ending". Never showed up in the original game.

Other then that, it's alright. But I do think it could use some decent improvements.

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