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SuperColors Revamp v2.1


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V2 introduced a menu that improved the experience by a lot. However, since the menu is controlled with the arrow keys (wich unfortunately are available only on PCs), you cannot interact with the menu on mobile.
Now, i know that you can still use the console to choose your supercolors, but wouldnt that just defeat the entire purpose of v2?


where do i put the files for the super colors?
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do i just put it in the addons or something or do i need to place it somewhere else


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Icezer updated SuperColors Revamp with a new update entry:

Version 2.1: The menu fix update

Heya everyone, Icy here. After a bit of time I can post this update that was originally just gonna be menu fixes, but thankfully managed to be a little more than that. Changelog is as follows:

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- Added 13 new supercolors!
  • - Yellow
  • - Abyssal
  • - Singer
  • - Divine
  • - Pear
  • - Phantom
  • - Terraria
  • - Celeste
  • - Kurai
  • - Hallowed
  • - Unlimited
  • - Slayer
  • - Virtua

- Refactored Sol form support, now it works 95%...

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Is one of the new Super colors a Hyper form-esque color like I requested in my review? That'll be cool to see.
I actually didn't happen to see this, but I feel the Celeste color may be closer to a hyper color more than anything else at this point ^^(With only 5 color slots to work with, this uses 3 main colors instead of a pulse using 1 or 2)

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I literally started looking around this place again after so long and the off-chance I came across this. I assume this is recent because I'm just as confused as the rest.

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