I kind of meant srb2 sonic in doom maps but that's ok
I think its possible port srb2 gameplay in DOOM
It's Possible port DOOM In srb2
glaber Has already port sonic doom 2 levels in srb2 the past.
Sonic doom 2 has Green flower zone 1 as secret level
Has already two addons for zandronum
One zsrb2: ports 80% multiplayer of srb2 (2.0) for zandronum.
And i'll found one addon for zdoom and zandronum
Port srb2 2.1
Called srb2 for zdoom.
Hmm, what does "Suggestions" have to do with it?
can someone make 2.1 ERZ Music in the srb2.pk3 file? (make it compatible with 2.2.11 and 2.2.10)
You do know thats NOT how this thread actually works,right?

By the way,you just crossed Rule 15,where it specifically says that you cant ask people to make things for you.The 2.1 ERZ music can be made as a mod,but if you want the mod to exist,make it yourself.
You do know thats NOT how this thread actually works,right?

By the way,you just crossed Rule 15,where it specifically says that you cant ask people to make things for you.The 2.1 ERZ music can be made as a mod,but if you want the mod to exist,make it yourself.
i think the srb2 community is overly fixated on giving sonic a wall climb move. after messing with xmomentum for a while, i think the new wall dash only seems necessary with 2.2's heavy physics which are getting overhauled for 2.3 to be much looser anyway. with looser physics sonic should be able to go FLYING vertically any time he needs to with just a little bump in the road and a well timed spin dash jump. i'm currently reeling from having to modify the mystic realm ce pk3 just so sonic works with xmomentum. all cause they wanted to add some wall bonk mechanic that seems more situational than the momentum thok which speaks to my point. still a more appropriate change for sonic than the wall dash imo but it made me start to think this whole thing kinda feels like a solution in search of a problem when the real issue seems to me to be just the physics. imo sonic can already keep up with tails and knuckles in his own way as long as he can go fast and his speed actually carries into his jumps.
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Look, I'm sorry, it's because I don't understand much English, I only know about parts of English because I'm Brazilian and it's kind of complicated, so much so that I'm using a translator.
Well, if you aren't aware, "vanilla" is used to describe something without modification.
i just came up with a buff for fang that i think is a good compromise between vanilla and xmom. maybe he could have an actual crosshair overlayed on enemies with an extra circle in it that would scale up and down in size when he moves, the accuracy of his shot depending on how close the circle is to the builseye. almost kinda like the QTEs in forces. only not the worst thing ever.
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An idea for checkpoints: Replace the current singular checkpoints with double checkpoint "gates" connected by an intangible digital "ribbon" similar to in many Modern Sonic games. The checkpoint number could be displayed prominently in the middle of the ribbon to indicate which checkpoint it is to help the player with navigation. Touched and untouched checkpoints could display the digital ribbon in different colors, for example yellow when untouched and blue or light green when touched. An intangible arrow pointing in the correct direction towards progress could also be displayed on all checkpoints as an aid for when the player accidentally backtracks. The distance between the two checkpoints making up each gate could vary to suit the context they are placed in, or just as map makers see fit. Ideally, they would both be against the walls on vanilla maps.

Additionally, multiple checkpoints could be denoted with the same number if they correspond to one another on separate paths. Untouched checkpoints of the same number as touched checkpoints could display as touched despite not actually having been touched as a visual indicator from a distance that the player is not making progress if they accidentally backtrack down an alternate path.

Ideally, these wouldn't outright replace the current checkpoints but would simply just be used instead in the vanilla campaign. This way, map makers could also still choose to use the current single checkpoint style if they prefer.

This would serve the following two primary purposes during gameplay:
  • Widen the area in which checkpoints are touched to help ensure that the player doesn't accidentally miss the checkpoint when passing it. This could also be extended vertically a bit, allowing checkpoints to cover an even wider range to ensure that progress is saved.
  • Assist the player in being able to tell where they have and haven't been from a greater distance via the checkpoint color, and how many checkpoints deep into the level they are if they get up close. Essentially, this would function as a navigation aid to help against getting lost and help players realize if they've suddenly started backtracking.
man why do i have to call him "brak eggman" like i'm pretending to be japanese when i know all of us who grew up with the ova knew him as metal robotnik? if you ask me its plainly more badass and better yet doesn't involve cringey weebspeak. or yknow just actually call him black eggman though i think naming parity between him and metal sonic (brak sonikku? blech) works better.
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robo hood's arrows should have a distinct shadow as well as every other projectile really.

also it's odd that the snowman enemies seem more fairly designed than robo hoods despite serving the same function with that loud pop sound they make whenever they fire. i think robo hood could use a similar loud bow twang sound or something instead of that weirdly quiet little swish that doesn't even sound like it comes from a bow tbh.
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Something that always bugs me is the lack of an air badnik in GFZ, and why not add the Jetty-Syns to GFZ? Of course not placed everywhere but at least a few of them, it spices up GFZ a bit, teaches new players that there aren't only ground badniks in the game, makes sense storywise, and finishes the GFZ badnik roster, making every zone have an air badnik, you might ask "then what about CEZ and ERZ? about that, in Castle Eggman... it doesn't really make sense, after all, it's a medieval themed zone, and there weren't any type of airplanes in that time, and in Egg Rock, the Crawla commander is a good option, unless the devs want it scrapped.
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Don't know if it's just me but I think the invincibility theme sounded better pre 2.2, would be great if it gets updated in some future update



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