StephChars v2.1 - World Of Colors Update!

StephChars v2.1 - World Of Colors Update! v2.1

I'm surprised that Skip's special Extreme Gear bike that you see in RushChars isn't capable of floating on the water, seeing that ExG's themselves are capable of doing exactly that. It just... sinks beneath the water like a stone. Oh well, that's barely anything. This character addon is really good, and I especially like the new addition of the ledge grab, though I feel like it'd be nice if it was a bit more lenient. Sometimes it seems like I'm about to reach a ledge and grab onto it, and then I don't and I instead find myself plummeting to my death.
Poor Skip.
Also, can I just say that it feels an awful lot like Skip should be able to wall jump, even though that's basically Jana's thing? I doubt he'll ever get that ability and I honestly don't mind that at all, but he feels like one of those characters who'd be capable of such a thing to reach higher heights, even if it was a lot weaker and different to Jana's own wall jump.
Very cool character, I rate him a Kruger out of 10 (very good)
>wall jump

Is the force shield's wall jump not enough wall jumping action for you
>wall jump

Is the force shield's wall jump not enough wall jumping action for you
I probably wouldn't have said anything if it was. Don't get me wrong, it's useful. But it's pretty limited in comparison to the other shield abilities


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This is a great mod I love it! For me the main attraction was Jana, because of her high speed slash and dash game play and great speedrunning potential. Great work I give it a 10/10!👍
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make skip and jana v2 3d models please. it's already stephchars revamp update!
Im a skip main. cry about it. But all jokes aside i love this character as it makes srb2 much more of a exploration game also smug dance makes it even better it makes me feel happy.

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