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[Graphics] Stand Alone Wipeout-style HUD (for SRB2Kart V1.2) 2.1


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While I'm still tweaking things about the WipeKart game mod, there have been people who wanted to have the HUD which I am using for said mod without needing all the bits the mod will include. And so, this is my answer to this - a stand-alone HUD mod which has both the stage intro cards and the HUD layout of WipeKart, without needing to be forced to play the WipeKart modes.

Consider this also a bit of a teaser as to what WipeKart will look like once it's ready.


Items of WipeKart HUD Only.png

Top Row: Trap Items
Bananas, Eggman Box, Bomb

Middle Row: Offensive Items
Ballhog, Jaws, Kitchen Sink, Orbinauts, Shrink, SPB

Bottom Row: Defensive Items
Hyudoro, Invincibility, Grow, Pogo Springs, Thunder Shield, Rocket Shoes, Sneakers

Please note that this graphics mod is intended to be used without WipeKart installed, as WipeKart has this already installed as part of the package. I will not be held responsible for any issues caused by having both this and any version of WipeKart installed at the same time.


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From what I can see this is all working. Only slight difference people will notice is that there's no timer for items such as grow and rocket sneakers, but that seems to be part of the style anyway.
Version 2 is now released, which includes support for non-green resolutions, as well as adding in timers for Grow, Rocket Sneakers and Invincibility

Note that with the Rocket Sneakers, the timer is basically how much 'fuel' you have left in them


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I don't know why but the mod doesn't work for me. It can be activated in-game without issues but whenever I jump into a race it displays the default HUD.

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