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What if...
SRB2 Multi
This mod makes every enemy, monitor and ring multiply when touched/destroyed. It also kills you when you have too many rings.

srb2m_enable <0/1> - enable/disable the mod (default: 1)
srb2m_ringlimit <0-9999> - If player's ring count is equal to this or higher, they will die. Setting it to 0 disables the limit. (default: 250)
srb2m_multicooldown <0-2100> - Cooldown (in ticks) between object spawn and possible object multiplication, prevents objects from multiplying too fast (default: 7)
srb2m_ringcooldown <0-2100> - Cooldown (in ticks) between collecting rings by a player. Prevents players from getting rings too quickly. Setting it to 0 disables the limit. (default: 1)
srb2m_objectlimit <0-64000> - Multiplied object limit. Setting it to 0 disables the limit. (default: 1024)
srb2m_objspreadtype <dev/prerelease/release> - Set multiplied object spread type. Added for compatibility with older footage of this mod. (default: release)
Version 2
-Properly added srb2m_ringcooldown command and set it to 1 tick.
-Added srb2m_objspreadtype command ('dev' option has a noticeable difference to the 2 other options)
-Fixed srb2m_objectlimit command not working properly. To restore the old behaviour, set srb2m_objectlimit to 0. (glitch found by jenngra505)

Version 1
-Initial release
MarkeyJester - Creator of Sonic Multi, a Sonic 1 hack that inspired this mod.
jenngra505 - found a critical bug in object limit command.
Have fun!


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I love that you can get as much tokens the more you get one. Probably one of the best mods for emerald grinding.


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So anyways, things started multiplying
So anyways, things started multiplying
So anyways, things started multiplying
So anyways, things started multiplying
So anyways, things started multiplying

...I’ll stop before it becomes spam. Can’t wait to crash the game with it though!

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Sonic hurts himself so he can get more money the game.

This is so dumb and simple, yet I love it


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holy cow this is so funny!

dont Destroy all enemies to unlock a secret! please i beg you

That mod on multiplayer would create a pure mess!
The objectlimit command doesn't work, I've tested it by setting it to 5 after seeing that I couldn't get the game to stop lagging no matter what power of 2 I set it to and realized that you could still spawn unlimited Crawlas.

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