SRB2 Heroes (Real superpower of TEAMWORK!)


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Want to review this WAD. Used hours playing this. The emerald spots were ones of the best in this game ever in my opinion.

Seaside palace:
This map did the first map's job pretty well in my opinion! It wasn't too easy but it still had space and a lot of places where to play around, and gave the player time to get used to the new special abilities (which I hate, at least as Sonic, sorry). Also the emerald was in an easy enough place to tell there is emeralds, good thing for first map.
This was actually the only obstacle I didn't like in the map:

These springs lead player to pit, nowhere else and I coldn't see an escape... Could there be something else or just pit, please?

Power Metropolis:

It's hard to say if I like this map or not because there's both, good and bad things. One of the very good things is that player has a lot of space to move but this doesn't feel too empty. Another is that you have done a lot of work for the environment!
But almost right at the start there was some problems... There's a blue wall you have to jump at to get higher. I was very unsure if that wall would take me anywhere and didn't even think about it at first. After some trips backwards I still had to try. And it was the supposed way.
Another thing I have to mention is this:

There's a starpost where you can spawn inside a crawla.
The lava rise is also torture if you once hit lava. I'd suggest making it liguid, so player could actually die instead of losing rings continuously, or making the lava a little slower, so player could get into the "race" again.
As a good feature I still have to mention the emerald place, not spoiling it but I used a lot of time while trying to find it and after that I just laughed. =)

Casino Highway:

Again, I have to give huge points for the effort you have put in this map! The appearence was Sonic casino-like and the theme was also. Everything reminded of something in casino. In that view this is one of the most best working SRB2 maps in history.
But I want to include the gameplay in the review though.
Most of the gameplay was unique and worked well, and how you have hidden monitors around the map, made it better. There's still many little things that I didn't like.

Just a minor thing but I lost some lives while running too fast toward this obstacle and fell before seeing any pit. Could the player have a little more space before the jumps?
The next place I have to mention is a glass floor where's rings under it. When I was trying to get 50 rings for the door behind, I used the action that makes the player go towards the closest ring and got stuck under the floor...
Also, in this level I met one of the first annoying obstacles for Sonic players. I had to thok to a platform, but every platform was surrounded by springs, so the new thok chose the closest spring to thok into.

At first I didn't know the glass floor in the end is going to collapse and lead me to the goal, so I had to restart to get the emerald and avoid the floor this time...

Rail Station:

Again, nice appearance, new fancy theme that lasted though the map in many variations, and space to move. That is awesome in your maps, but this time the gameplay wasn't so special. Sorry to say it but it felt more like platformer obstacles after each other, (except for the flying part, points for that). Emerald was nicely hidden. That was much better than expcted.
No more to say because the only thing I actually remember well is the fancy appearence. Other was just didn't stand out in this map.

Frog Jungle:

The gameplay became better in this map again. =) Using frogs to modify the map was a fun idea. Even if the frogs' sprites weren't actually as fancy as other of the WAD, I can't blame because they're better than I would make. xD
This may sound weird but could there be a warning (sign or something else) before cutscenes? At first I was running pretty fast against a frog and fell to a pit during a cutscene.
In a forest room where you had to give water to the springs, my game crashed at first for some reason. Is there anything special?
ps. emerald offered fun challenge. =)

Mystic Castle

Nice theme, totally different gameplay. There were both, nice challenges and pretty cheap ones. (emerald was a lot both of them. I still think it was a very nice extra challenge, took a lot of time to find xD)
I liked the torture room and other similar places where you just had to literally find the way out.
I still don't think the teleports were the best possible. There's linedef tricks to make the angle not change and make them sometimes completely unnotable. For excample the metal sonic room could maybe use something like that.
There is an obstacle where you have to use your own special ability to survive. I actually rather jumped to another road with spin as Sonic because that was easier way forward.
(Also, the ability cost a life in the blood flod obstacle because I couldn't aim thoks)
One of the most outstanding SRB2 maps with oustanding gameplay for a while though. =D

Egg Fortress:

Sorry, this map wasn't one of my favourites for the normal gameplay. Outlook is good and the player has space, but the obstacles didn't entertain always. I'm not personaly a fan of enemy destroying obstacles, so I always skipped the two first of them completely by little tricks...
I could explain the tricks I've found so far for Sonic:
First enemy destroy place: spin and jump to right direction, thok to 1 up monitor.
Second: Use the flying robot to fly over it. (also, if you're lucky, you can get hundreds of thousands of points when it crashes)
Third skip place: In the night area between laser platformer obstacles: You can spin or thok through the corners of the player detecting area (thok is risky because of the nerf)
I don't say these ways would make the map worse because I used them to avoid the parts I don't really like. (mappers don't like these "cheat" ways so much though. Exploits are just players' fun who don't find them wrong)
This map really took a lot of lives in the obstacles with falling platforms or even pits around. The challenge was a good thing. But as a Soni player I tried to thok into right places. Now it often aimed into a spiky robot or a spring instead, which caused very crazy deaths.
As a positive feedback I still have to say that the emerald gave a lot of challenge and it was awesome to finally get it and survive alive back. =D
But then..:

I happened to die in a wrong place. There's a star post where you can spawn inside an enemy... I did.

I don't know what to say about Metal Sonic things because I'm not a huge fan of boss fights (actually flew through Metal Sonic race as super first time I played that map). I let that part of review for someone who doesn't just find them all "just bosses".

Ps. would you like to put some emblems? Emeralds were more awesome fun to hunt than before.
EDIT: Pps: This is already the third time you present us with something very big. Extremely patient work. =D
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Ors, thanks a lot for the review! Glad you enjoyed it! Here s my reply:

Seaside palace: You were suposed to wait in the waterslide area so the pillars would rise.
Power Metropolis: Thanks for the compliments! And yes, I will be more careful with the start posts and enemie placemente... didnt notice it was a problem.
Casino Highway: I will definatly add more space before that jump. And about the hallway with springs... yeah, the homming attack is a problem. It wasnt added in the mod when I was making the level, so I should make it easier or put some rings to lightdash. Same with the rings under the glass, didnt notice you could get stuck. Thanks for telling me!
Frog Jungle: Weird that it crashed... never happened to me.
Egg Fortress: I was aware that you could fly over the third ship :P I always do that haha. I am not a fan of "beating enemies to progress" either, but I wanted the level to be a challenge and be like the original game. I know the level is "Frustrating-Hard" but c mon... its the last level guys! haha. Will probably make it easier or "less annoying". And the emerald is too hard in single player I gues...

You know I love to put emblems and unlockables in my mods. In this one, I wanted to see the reaction of the people before adding more things, so emblems are sure to come in the next versions.

Once again, thanks for taking your time to play it!


I literally had to reach the far ends of my old email to remember this account to just say, this was nicely done and I hope you keep it up! Me and some friends played this while seeing how srb2 has been going over the past years this was pretty fun, the only part that was a bit frustrating was the rails and some platforming was hell with sonic ,but please keep on improving it I'm so interested in the updates the fixes!


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You were suposed to wait in the waterslide area so the pillars would rise.
Sorry, my bad. The playing style for secrets hunt made me get here xX
Egg Fortress: I was aware that you could fly over the third ship :P I always do that haha. I am not a fan of "beating enemies to progress" either.
That made me actually like you as a mapper even more. That you could keep a secret thing that is used for skipping.

About the emblems, nice to hear you're going to do that!

Thanks for reading the whole thing! Before I stopped I didn't notice there was 1300 words...
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Super mystic sonic

The Golden Blur
This has quickly become one of my favorite SRB2 levelpacks. Yeah, Egg Fleet could use a few less lasers....and screw those crushers on that first Mystic Castle section. But it's a fun ride regardless.


aka J-town/NeonJ
Oho, this was fun. Although to be fair, I was playing as Knuckles this time (after finding Seaside Hill a little too unforgiving as Sonic) - basically meaning that I was able to abuse the glide/climb to death. Only stages I really had a problem with with Knuckles was Rail Canyon (when I entered a section where I really had no idea where to go.. found out through trial-and-error that I accidentally went into a Power section and was EXPECTED to use my abilities), Egg Fortress (Those lasers are in some seriously unfair places sometimes, especially with springs involved. Most of the time I just ended up bypassing them with the power of climbing. Also, the randomly falling floors was a bit annoying too.. but I WAS playing as Knuckles and so panic-glide to the rescue) and the Metal Sonic race (The time limit is a bit strict, I know Metal hits the end at 1:19 and Knuckles can seemingly just barely make that time)

Although in hindsight.. I feel like the levels would be a LOT more frustrating to get through if I wasn't playing as Knuckles. But as I WAS playing as Knuckles.. I had a lot of fun! ;o


Little Monster
I have changed/removed some lasers in Egg Fortress. And about Rail Canyon... well, you went backwards I guess. And Metal Sonic, I alredy made it easier, so players like Knuckles or Big can make it in time (you are expected to glide and climb though).

And I think you will enjoy the levels more if you play as Sonic anyway :)
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Little Monster
I have been fixing, editing, and adding some new things.
Stages are pretty much the same, just changed a few textures, some backgrounds, and fixed most of the problems.

[url=] [/URL]

And the most important... the teams are in progress. MotdSpork is working on the Lua scripting. I updated my Big the Cat wad from my previous SADX mod, and also made an Omega wad! It is not perfect, but it s something. I ll use it unless someone decides to make a great one someday.

[url=] [/URL]

[url=] [/URL]

[url=] [/URL]

What to expect in the next version:
- All 4 teams playable
- Emblems... maybe 4 in each level, and 1 for each team
- Unlockables


I just really enjoyed this!, it's a pretty cool wad, you did a great job importing the textures and making levels design, i really want to see this with the teams already finished :P


The omega sprites look good, but have some minor problems. (Hate doing lists, but, more organized this way. Make me seem rude-ish).

1.) The feet and hand designs aren't true to the design.
2.) The overall angle of the feet is facing the wrong angle, they seem to be facing the sides too much. Make them face a tad bit more forward.
3.) The gray metal on the sprites look too dark, try to brighten them up
4.) He should only have the omega sign on one shoulder.


Roach when Sonic
Sonic Team Junior
Hold your horses, that reference of Omega is actually fan made and quite inaccurate.


But on the other hand, this one is official, so use this as a main reference instead.


Little Monster
Well I made his hands closed. And the Omega symbol on both sides was intentional... because... you know, rotations. He has them that way in Sonic Chronicles I think.


Kart Krew™️
Hilariously, Moto's resource isn't accurate to any game appearance of Omega outside of Sonic '06 (and Sonic Generations resource delving). I must admit it is a nice looking and more robotic-looking design, but it doesn't quite match the Heroes/Shadow model (which is what I presume STHE123O is after). The following is an actual Omega concept model created during the development of Sonic Heroes, and is probably the best guide to use if you want to create a Heroes-based Omega character WAD.


Also, you do know you can just import individual rotations into a WAD, right? You don't need to give him two Omega symbols, and it's a small amount of effort you'll regret not putting in when the character WAD is otherwise finished.


Little Monster
Yep I used Heroes Omega as a reference. And I know its possible to have more rotations to change the symbol but... I dont think its actually that important if its on both sides or not, since it seems to change depending on the game.


Kart Krew™️
Every game, piece of official art and fan art available within a 5-minute scouring of Google Images outside of Sonic Chronicles has a single symbol on his left shoulder. That's a pretty clear consensus, especially when you consider Sonic Chronicles was too lazy to compose its own soundtrack, let alone properly mirror Omega.

EDIT: It also turns out I was wrong about Omega reusing the 06 model in the Generations trophy room. Here's what the modern Omega model looks like:

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Little Monster
That model is like a combination of 06 and Heroes. And ok, I ll change the symbol like in the game!

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