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SRB2 Funny Levels a map packs without theme


Hello, I am presenting my new project called srb2 funny levels (well, it is somewhat redundant because it says so in the title LOL) it is a map pack without a specific theme, this alpha only contains 2 levels, one of which is missing many things and the other does not have an end. I post this here for suggestions, I would appreciate it very much, bye:worry:

Music: tour de pizza
Levels: VichogGD190




  • S_SRB2FunnyLevels-V0.0.1.pk3
    6 MB · Views: 41
We have version 0.0.2, it has many changes such as a new level and changes in the skybox of mystery city zone and other things and I tell you, please send your opinions, they will help me a lot... and goodbye. :wonderful:


  • S_SRB2FunnyLevels-V0.0.2.pk3
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