SRB2 Christmas Remix 2010

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Every year since 2006, SRB2 christmas has been updated. This year the changes are as follows:
Classic Mode (or the original levels if you prefer) removed (The levels were moved to Sonic Robo Blast 2 The Past)
Megamix selectable from the start.
Mod renamed Christmas remix
Mirror Mode Classic removed
Bonus Christmas mode wad included
Remix mode levels updated a bit. (Sectors taged as ramp, new textures applied in a few places, sectors modified)
New Emblem locations.
Blustery Day added to Megamix.
Remix Mirror mode from 2008 fully fixed up.
The save system works now
Megamix mode now uses the same music the Removed Classic mode did.

The Christmas Mode wad includes:
The 2.0 ice and snow themed textures used on Arid Canyon.
the Old Christmas Themed THZ textures remade and used in Eggrock.
New textures to replace the red colored textures of Eggrock that are not rock or stripes. (Red replaced with Green)
Castle Eggman act 1 is the only one with falling snow.
the Gray Castle Eggman bricks replaced with Ice Bricks from the SRB1 unlockable
Red Volcano now looks more like Blue Mountain act 1
Deep Sea Zone now has Christmas Textures.
Carol of the Bells is used for Egg rock act 2

Known bugs:
Christmas Mod
on Blustery Day Megamix, if you roll into the big wind pit, you don't get blown back upwards. 2 little pieces of land have been added at the bottom so you can get out. (Wind pit uses an invisible fof so that it doesn't blow to the pit's celing)
The full unmoded game's secret's list can be used by backing out of the Level select unlockable (Hardcode issue)

Christmas Mod



Christmas Mode


Chritsmas Mod

Christmas Mode

Download: (2010 edition with Christmas Mode bonus wad)
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Sorry for the delay of putting this into releases - levels. I haven't had the time to play through all the levels to make sure they work, but if I did then the delay would be even longer.


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Silver ring box sprites are one pixel off vertically, causing a noticeable jitter.

And Perfect is ridiculous easy to obtain because the silver ring isn't counted for it. I'm not sure there's a sane way to fix that...


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My opinions on the pack:

This is completely awful. I don't care if they're the oldest levels ever conceived in the history of SRB2, they play like crap. They're simply too old and too cramped and too repetitive to be anywhere near enjoyable. The "remix" version doesn't really do anything. It doesn't improve these old and crusty maps in design, and it doesn't have enough new content to justify even a second glance. After about five minutes of playing; all the maps, all the textures, all the architecture just blended together into a blue and white mesh of cramped corridors and bad design. There's no enjoyable scenery, no fun gimmicks, no clever design, nothing to even find worth playing. The whole pack just seems to be a gross compilation of spacial unbalance with a huge dollop of snow for theme.
These are old and horrible maps. No amount of "remixing" and re-releasing is gonna change that. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Make somthing new. You may not care, but until then, I'm personally not gonna play anything glaber-produced again. Not until I see something remotely worth playing.


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I only played up to Gleaming Glacier in remix mode, but I think that's enough to make a proper review judging from this and previous years.

The designs of SRB2 Christmas are completely atrocious, and a lot of levels seem completely unbearable (Snow Mountain will always be my least favorite level ever created). Green Christmas is poorly designed as all hell, with a bunch of uninteresting platforming combined with a billion things shooting at you or flying into you at one time. If you're going to "remix" SRB2 Christmas, then you should at least change the levels so that they are at least tolerable and not just insert uninteresting new enemies.



Do remember: when these levels were made SRB2 was still essentially Doom. Hell, these stages used line triggers.

Yes, they're god-awful, but they were made 10 years ago and it shows. It's sorta interesting to see how far we've come from this garbage if nothing else.


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That is true, but it's not any reason to repeat the same damn thing every year. About once is enough to give some good nostalgia. It's completely unnecessary to add in something useless and arbitrary every release.


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I hated this pack of levels

I honestly hated this pack levels, because it's so monotonous, and the levels are very easy, except the egg zone, it was hard (not just to say average), but the level was too small. If you were to create another pack of levels, have more creativity, create different levels, put more challenges, and ... please ... do not forget to put checkpoints in their levels, because I hated it very much. Besides, there are levels unbearably difficult, and some even almost impossible to pass, the next time, create a challenging but not too hard, like when I was running down a hallway wall crushing, while the corners, spines And in the middle, a lot of flying robots trying to get me ... at the end of it, I ended up being massacred thousands of times by a wall falling on me, or I would lose the rings in the spines and the robots would kill me, or even, the robots I hammered and I stopped in the spines, and thus I died.

0 / 10 but if this note can not be assigned, then I give 1 / 10
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Please note that Glaber did not create these levels. They are from an ancient version of SRB2 and have been ported without being changed. Things like starposts didn't even exist back then.

Of course, that doesn't make the levels any better and I'm actually pretty annoyed considering that you wasted time on porting this instead of Mystic Realm...


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I know it is tradiontal for you to release this every year but at least change the level layout in Remix mode, it is like playing classic with new enemies.

The main complaint was how remix mode was the same as Classic except with new enemies. A Srb2 Christmas Leval Pack with orignal levels and new extras would be a lot better than porting ancient levels alone now.

I am okay with releasing the old Srb2 Christmas levels for Christmas, especially showing how level design greatly improved but at least put new levels in.


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犬夜叉;655829 said:
And Perfect is ridiculous easy to obtain because the silver ring isn't counted for it. I'm not sure there's a sane way to fix that...

Couldn't X amount of rings placed outside the level so they are unobtainable work? That way the rings you get from silver rings fill in for those.
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