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Speccy submitted a new resource:

Speccy the Kitsune - RPG mechanics? Pshhh, what's that??

So you might remember a previous add-on of mine, it had RPG mechanics, was quite buggy, and overall wasn't fun to play as. What if we just, take that, remove the RPG mechanics, and make it play normally?

Here's the result:

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(CSS Portrait by Totally Lerf (aka Heromi))

Speccy got herself a complete makeover, now wearing glasses (first SRB2 OC with glasses!?), and having...

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holy shit im first
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I already know, releasing the fix I did myself right now. Lerf messed something up lol


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Speccy updated Speccy the Kitsune with a new update entry:

Wall jump, wall jump, wall jump, wall jump!

Speccy can now wall cling, and jump.

Simply hold against a wall after you start to fall from a jump to cling onto it, after a bit you'll slide down though! However, if you press Jump, you'll jump off the wall in the opposite direction! It has a few kinks, but overall it works. Just make sure to face the wall if you're going to hold forwards-


Credits to...

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In the credits,i saw something sussy:
"Deadsky: For being my very supportive girlfriend, watching Speccy develop the whole time."

Now thats a big twist.Its same like SBT did his age reveal.


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not even gonna speak so this page doesnt turn into a twitter argument


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Don't make weird remarks towards someone then ditch the thread when they're justifiably confused. Take responsibility.


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ignoring the impending argument that is 99% likely to happen in the next few hours:

cool character.

that's it that's all i have to say.

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