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I don't think I can actually help with that one. the museum is the most detailed map in the whole pack. You might also want to look for lower ping if possible.
so, while i am using an outdated version, this hasn't been changed.
in the museum mall, there is a cafe called the sigsev cafe, from what the errors have shown, the game doesn't display a sigsev error, it displays a sigsegv error instead
It's about time someone wrote a comprehensive guide on all the secrets in this mod, and now that I've unlocked everything, I guess I'll be the one to do it.

I should note that I play in OpenGL with shaders turned off, which makes it easier to see some of the secrets. My screenshots and GIFs reflect this.

Hidden Maps and Other Secrets
This isn't a secret, but it's in the museum's hints room, so it needs to be addressed regardless.

When fighting 2.0 Brak Eggman, he will occasionally launch a set of four missiles at you before jumping to another platform. If you're in the middle of a jump when one of these missiles hits you, you'll instead start piloting it. Wait for Eggman to land, or predict his landing spot, then aim the missile at him and jump to get off of it. If the redirected missile hits him, he'll take damage.

Prerequisites: None

Head to Act 1 of the Halloween Tech Demo. After getting out of the fence maze, find this platform surrounded by rings.

View attachment 81983

Touch the top of it, then head back through the maze to where you started the map. A wall has risen behind the gravestones, revealing a cache of rings. It's difficult to tell, but they spell out "SONIC". That's it. That's the secret.

While we're here, if you were wondering how to get to the center portion of the maze with the rings, graves, and ghosts, well...

View attachment 81986

Prerequisites: None

Play through nearly the entirety of the Christmas Demo until you get to Snow Valley. As soon as the level starts, you should notice some suspicious greenery to your right. Jump towards it and you'll find a signpost at the bottom of the valley, which will take you to Emerald Coast.

Prerequisites: Technically none, but you need to get to Emerald Coast first

Now that we're in the Christmas Demo's Emerald Coast, go through the level as normal until you reach this archway.

View attachment 81989

There are two red springs in the water, behind the guardrails - one on the left and one on the right. We're concerned with the left one, so hop on. At the top, you'll find some monitors and a signpost on top of some snow. If you're ready for a challenge, touch it to be taken to Sonic's Nightmare.

Prerequisites: None

Play through Beta Quest until you reach Deep Sea Zone Act 2. When you see the signpost at the end of the level, do not touch it. However, I believe you need to get close to it. If this crusher next to the signpost is moving, you're good to go.

View attachment 81993

Now, you need to backtrack to this room, with what can charitably be described as a dragon drawn in sector art.

Looks way better in 2.1

A wall has raised here, revealing a secret exit to Speed Highway.

Prerequisites: None

In Beta Quest's Rocky Mountain Act 2, as soon as you leave the starting alcove, make an immediate 90 degree left turn and head into this cave.

Hope you're not afraid of heights're not afraid of heights

From there, make another left. When you arrive in the next room with a pit, jump on the platform, turn around, and look down to see a passage. Jump down and head in.
Now here comes the BS. In the next room, jump to the passage on the right, and push against different parts of the left wall until you go through it. Yep, it's a fake wall.

More fake wall BS

Once you're through, keep going to find the secret exit to Hidden Palace. (Emeralds not included.)

Prerequisites: Must be playing as Knuckles

Go to Deep Sea Zone Act 1, 2.1.7-2.1.25, and play through the level until you reach the final room. Below the exit is a passage blocked by rocks; Knuckles can collide with them to break them. Doing so will flood the room, which also raises a wall that blocks the path to the secret.

To reveal this path, you'll need to push one of the gargoyles near the exit on the top level. There's a very slightly raised pressure plate on the opposite side of the room that will only trigger if a gargoyle is on it.

View attachment 82045

Once you've revealed the path and gone through, you'll have to climb up a very tall wall while water falls in a predictable pattern. If you touch the water, you'll have to start from the bottom again, as you cannot regrab the wall if you get knocked off.
When you reach the top, you'll find the other "guardians of precious stones" - it's the cast of Freedom Planet! They brought six extra lives, and you can head to the right to backtrack to an earlier part of the level.

Prerequisites: None

I'd be surprised if you haven't found this one yet. In the Greenflower hub, use the red spring across from the 1-up monitor to launch yourself to the hub's only emblem, where a button can be found. Press the button and level portals will appear near the red spring you used.
SAGE is the Sonic Amateur Games Expo, and a very early build of SRB2 featuring the first two acts of Greenflower Zone was featured at its 2000 incarnation. Unfortunately, the SAGE 2000 build appears to be lost media, so its levels were recreated for SRB2 The Past using footage from the event.

Prerequisites: None

Go to the Techno Hill Hub, and head right upon loading in. Take another right at the red spring, then go left to find the level portal to Techno Hill Zone Act 1, Demo 4. That's not what we're here for, though.

If you pay close attention to the ceiling near the level portal, you'll notice part of it has a different texture.

View attachment 82033

Walk under that part of the ceiling and you'll discover that the floor and ceiling are fake, and under the fake floor is a spring that sends you into a secret area. (A similar secret exists in every version of Techno Hill Zone Act 2 that uses the pre-2.1 layout, including Techno Legacy Zone.)
Here, you'll need to find a pushable object, a DLL file called "updn_net.dll." Push it into the alcove within the secret area that contains an extra life, and then under the green lights. The file will be crushed.
If you return to the main area the same way you came in, you'll find a new level portal next to the one for Techno Hill Zone Act 1, Demo 4. This one leads to Techno Hill Zone Act 2, Demo 4. Unfortunately, it does not stay permanently open, and you must perform this secret each time you want to access it.
The method of unlocking this level reflects how Techno Hill Zone Act 2 was hidden in a DLL file in Demo 4, and had to be loaded in-game to access it.

Go to the Deep Sea Hub. To the right of the 2.0 and Development level portals in the starting room is a passage. Go through it to be greeted by some debris. But that won't stop any character - touching it is enough to break it and reveal a level portal to Speed Highway.

Prerequisites: Seven Chaos Emeralds

In the Castle Eggman Hub, there's a set of bars that will only open if you have seven Chaos Emeralds. The Demo 4 Castle Eggman levels are locked behind these bars, referencing how you needed the emeralds to access CEZ in that version.
Head into Castle Eggman Zone Act 2, Demo 4 and get into the pool in the center of the level. There are three gargoyles on the edges of the pool - the edge missing a gargoyle has a secret underwater tunnel. Head in.
There's another secret tunnel down here. Find it, go down, make sure you can take at least one hit, and pass through the fake wall that's clearly using a different texture. Damage RedXVI twice to earn an ear-bashing and an "error"-induced trip back to the museum. He doesn't give you anything in Demo 4, but he's very important in the next two major versions.

Prerequisites: None

Head to the Mine Maze & Rocky Mountain section of the Arid Canyon Hub. You may have noticed a level portal on the top level of the mine, blocked off by wooden boards with seemingly no way in. Well, here's the way in...

View attachment 82035

The level portal leads to Hidden Palace. (Emeralds still not included.)

Prerequisites: None

Go to the Red Volcano Hub, and make a left turn as soon as you spawn to find this breakable wall.

View attachment 82036

Touching it, and the one made of ice after it, is enough to break them and reveal the path to Blue Mountain Zone, the cut second act to Red Volcano Zone from 2.0.

Prerequisites: Sonic Doom 2 unlocked

In Angel Island Zone Act 1 of Sonic Doom 2, stand in this specific spot in the first room.

View attachment 82060

This will raise a wall after the fake zipwire; behind it is a warp to Greenflower Zone (Pokemon Soccer). There is no secret exit in that level; completing it will send you to The Knuckles Zone. Completing The Knuckles Zone will send you to Angel Island Zone Act 2.

In the original Sonic Doom 2 mod for Doom 2, Angel Island Zone Act 1 filled the MAP15 slot, which is hardcoded to allow for a secret exit to MAP31 (which in this case is Greenflower Zone). MAP31 is similarly hardcoded to allow for a secret exit to MAP32 (The Knuckles Zone in this case). No other map slots allow for secret exits in Doom 2 without using source ports.


Prerequisites: None

Go to the Arid Canyon Hub. Once you arrive, turn to your right and you'll see an opening to a cave that's right next to the museum teleporter. Head through the cave and you'll emerge at a train station, which should say "Development Boss".
Board the train and prepare yourself for a fight against Fang, because he will immediately attack. Winning the fight unlocks Fang as a playable character.

Prerequisites: 20 Emblems

Go to the Unlockables Hub and find the green warp pipe to Mario Koopa Blast. Do NOT enter Mario Goomba Blast - that is a different map, and will not work.
Play through all three acts of Mario Koopa Blast. At the end, a Toad will congratulate you, but it seems your Rose is in another castle... except she's not! Amy will break through the wall for a surprise hug, and you'll unlock her as a playable character.

Prerequisites: None

Megaman, Chao, and Sinossu were three characters that only existed in Demo 3. To give them a second chance, complete every singleplayer Demo 3 level:
  • Greenflower Zone Act 1, Demo 2 and 3
  • Greenflower Zone Act 2, Demo 2 and 3
  • Greenflower Zone Act 3 (Boss), Demo 2-4
  • Techno Hill Zone Act 1, Demo 3 (no act label in-game)

Prerequisites: None

Invader Zim was a multiplayer-exclusive character in all versions of Final Demo before 1.09.4. To release him from his prison, find all twelve of the easter eggs (which are emblems in SRB2 The Past) split evenly among these six Final Demo levels:
  • Greenflower Zone Act 1, 1.08
  • Greenflower Zone Act 2, 1.01-1.08
  • Techno Hill Zone Act 1, 1.01-1.08
  • Techno Hill Zone Act 2, 1.01-1.08
  • Castle Eggman Zone Act 1, 1.01-1.09.4
  • Castle Eggman Zone Act 2, 1.01-1.09.4

Prerequisites: None

Complete the Halloween Tech and Christmas Demo campaigns to unlock Placeholder Sonic.

Placeholder Sonic is a character based on the version of Sonic used in very early versions of SRB2, before proper sprites for him were created. He uses sprites taken from the canceled Sega Saturn game Sonic Xtreme.

Prerequisites: None

You might have noticed that one of the gargoyles stationed at the front of the museum is off-color compared to the rest. This gargoyle can be pushed. Push it into the nearby birdbath, and you'll hear some movement.
Go into the museum and look behind the wall that the reception desk stands in front of. A wall has lowered to reveal a button. Pressing it opens the shutters blocking off access to Wizard Needs Food Badly in the Campaigns section of the museum.

In the first level of Wizard Needs Food Badly, Super Search, Metal Sonic can be found floating in the middle of the map. Grab the emblem he's holding to unlock Metal Sonic as a playable character, as well as Metal's Challenge in the SRB2 Colosseum.

Prerequisites: None

Complete the Christmas Demo campaign to unlock Christmas Mode.

Christmas Mode was a feature from Demo 4 to 1.09.4. From December 24 to January 5 (or with the -xmas command-line parameter), graphics and music were changed to become more fitting for the holiday season. Christmas Mode in SRB2 The Past comes in the form of new level portals in the Greenflower, Techno Hill, Castle Eggman, and NiGHTS hubs.

Prerequisites: Seven Chaos Emeralds

Head to Greenflower Zone Act 1, 1.09.4. There's a red brick house on the top of the hill, where Sonic's emblem is. Jump on the roof of the house three times to get an earful from RedXVI. Looks like that was his house, and he's now standing outside it. Approach him (hopefully to give an apology), and he'll chew you out even further before sending you to hell. (Just make sure you have more than one life first.)
Hell, in this case, is Red Volcano Zone Act 1, 1.09.4. Complete the level to permanently unlock it in the Red Volcano Hub, and activate the next secret in the chain.

Prerequisites: Seven Chaos Emeralds, Escaped from Red Volcano Zone Act 1, 1.09.4

Now that you've escaped from hell, the next logical thing to do is... bother RedXVI some more. Yeah, that makes sense.
Go to Greenflower Zone Act 2, 1.09.4. There's another red brick house on a hill, above the curve you take at the beginning to get to the first starpost.
Touch the door to the house, and you'll find out that RedXVI is out to lunch. Go back to the hill above and to the right of where you start the level, and you'll see RedXVI on a red and white-checkered tarp.
Approach him and he'll be upset that you disturbed his picnic, and give you an emerald to go away. This one is black, and lets you go Hyper! what I wish I could say. That is what it did in 1.09.4, but it doesn't work like that here. Instead, he gives you an emblem that looks like a black emerald. You also unlock "Hyperkin," which activates the next secret behind the scenes.

Prerequisites: Seven Chaos Emeralds, Hyperkin (8th/Black Emerald)

Now it's time to head to Castle Eggman Zone Act 2, 1.09.4. Jump into the pool in the center of the map to receive a message, then play through the level as normal. However, before you drop down into the area with the signpost, make sure you have a shield.
The signpost is replaced by RedXVI, who is pissed at you for messing with him. He then sends you to the secret underwater chamber (the one where he could be found in Demo 4), removes all your rings, and sics two era-appropriate Crawla Commanders on you.
If you don't have a shield or aren't charging a spindash before getting teleported, you will die and have to redo the entire level. Alternatively, if your shield of choice was Armageddon, the Crawla Commanders will dispose of themselves as soon as they touch you.
After surviving the ambush, leave the underwater area completely. Once you emerge from the pool, the level will end, and you will be rewarded with Pandora's Box. Just remember that using anything in the Box will disable emblems and unlocks until you restart the game.

Prerequisites: Seven Chaos Emeralds

Head to Castle Eggman Zone Act 2, 2.0 (as far as I know, any subversion works). Jump over the pit at the start, then use the spinning chain to take the upper path. (Remember, you have to spin it manually by holding forward.) Keep going until you've left the room with the endless cannonballs.
Use the revolving door to reach a small library, where RedXVI can be found dressed as a pope. Approach him and he'll apologize for his behavior in previous versions, then say that he now sends people to heaven instead of hell.
He will then warp you to Neo Aerial Garden from 2.0. (Not exactly my idea of heaven...) Clear the level to permanently unlock it; you can then find it in the Unlockables Hub.

If you return to Pope RedXVI after unlocking Neo Aerial Garden, he'll give you 9,999 rings (the max amount you can carry) while saying some words to commemorate former lead developer SSNTails's marriage on May 16, 2009. SRB2 2.0, also known as Marriage Edition, was released to coincide with SSNTails's marriage, and was the last version he worked on.

Prerequisites: None

Go to the Techno Hill Hub and head outside. Between the level portals for versions 1 and 2 is a lake with a pipe sticking into it. Go under the pipe, and you'll be sucked into it. You'll find the Emblem Radar near the end of your journey through the plumbing system.

Prerequisites: None

Complete Beta Quest, the 2.0 Boss Rush, and Egg Satellite to unlock the Egg Rock Hub.
Egg Satellite is the seventh and final Special Stage. You can also find it in the NiGHTS Hub; either map will work.

Prerequisites: Complete Metal's Challenge (including History Clash Zone) and the Boss Gauntlet (labeled "Everyone" in the Boss Rush room; unlocked by completing all other Boss Rushes)

Go to the Hints room in the museum, where a vent has come loose in the back-right corner. The ventilation shaft leads to an old, abandoned variant of the museum.
While you're here, head to the SRB1 Badniks section on the second floor. Metal Earless has broken loose from his cage, and he can be pushed into a birdbath, just like the gargoyle in the new museum.
Doing this opens the shutters blocking off access to Sonic Doom 2, which is behind a breakable wall in the Campaigns section of the old museum. (Don't worry, Fang players - you just have to touch the wall to break it.)
Completing Sonic Doom 2 leads to the Grand Credits, and lets you access Sonic Doom 2 from the Campaigns section of the new museum. You can also replay the Grand Credits, as well as Sonic Doom 2's final boss, at any time from the cafeteria in the old museum. Congratulations!
Thanks for Ideas of where I need to find the Secrets of the SRB2 The Past
I just noticed that there is an unlockable where you have to defeat a long, forgotten, and unfinished foe, which I'm assuming is UglyKnux from the Final Demo. My question is, what level do I have to be in to access the fight, and therefore defeat the long, forgotten, and unfinished foe? Or am I just thinking of Final Demo Zone and it's someone else as this "long, forgotten, and unfinished foe"?
Oh no no no. Ugly knux is not this foe. It's a boss that was intended to appear at the end of Sonic Doom 2 that until now was never finished.
the Back to Colosseum option during the Vs. Everyone gauntlet is appreciated, though unfortunately it consistently leads to a crash (presumably because it's taking me to a map that doesn't exist? that's what i'm gathering)
View attachment 82320
to be more specific, this was after stepping into the exit portal at the beginning of part 5
Stress based overlook.
I'll go fix it.

Edit: Alright, I checked the other maps in the rush and fixed them if they needed it too. 2.0.7 is uploading now.
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hey uh, hate to say this glaber but your new versions of srb2 the past isn't really working for me at all, and I was wondering how I could fix it
So, there are like, 3 locked music tracks right next to 2.0/2.1 ACZ1 and 4 more right next to SRB1 HPZ. Where do I go to unlock them?


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Oh no no no. Ugly knux is not this foe. It's a boss that was intended to appear at the end of Sonic Doom 2 that until now was never finished.
Ah okay. Thanks for clearing this up. I am getting pretty close to unlocking Sonic Doom 2, as I had already completed the first two tiers of Metal's Challenge, and am in the middle of tier 3. Also, something I would've brought up before but didn't for some reason is that it would've been very cool if there was a "the Past" equivalent for the Mystic Realm level pack, as that's pretty much as old as SRB2 itself, dating back to 2003. If a "Mystic Realm: The Past" is done, but included in the standard "SRB2 The Past", the entire level pack could have its own HUB world based on the titlemap of Mystic Realm Community Edition, with each version of each stage from the past, minus v5.0 because that was the port for v2.2, as there are some differences between each version that's not in v5.0, such as the old Verdant Forest Zone and old Aerial Garden Zone (the one that is split into multiple acts and not the "Neo" version.).

Oh yeah, I've always pondered on this, but how do I get to the old museum without unlocking Sonic Doom 2 first?
Oh yeah, I've always pondered on this, but how do I get to the old museum without unlocking Sonic Doom 2 first?
The old museum is how you unlock it. You just have to conquer Boss Rush and Metal's Challenge.

So much easier said than done.
The old museum is how you unlock it. You just have to conquer Boss Rush and Metal's Challenge.

So much easier said than done.
True that. The boss rush isn't that hard for me, but Metal's Challenge is a great pain in the ass.
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Oh yeah, I think v2.0.7 presented a new problem. I'm in Metal's Challenge, on Tier 3, and racing Metal Sonic in Quicksand Ruins. And RIGHT before I start the race, the game crashes and sends me back to my home screen. I didn't think that was going to bother me that much, because I had a stupid amount of mods enabled. Then I tried it again with only two others mods, same result. No other mods, same result. What is going on? I have Software mode enabled, and am using an Android build of the game. I downloaded v2.0.7 from the Google Drive mirror.
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