Sonic Robo Blast 2 the Past Version 2.0

Sonic Robo Blast 2 the Past Version 2.0 [Open Asset] 2.0.15 No Split Zip

I have a feeling that the abandoned museum is an old layout of the museum from an older version of the mod.
Edit: Yep, I pretty much aced that guess, I was right.
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This was one of my favorite mods back years ago, i'm VERY happy it made it to the new version!

Also, with the release of 2.2.12 making emblems multiplayer compatible, would it be possible to add the "SHAREEMBLEMS = true"?
Considering with the huge ammount of emblems to hunt across different versions, that would be taking some time alone, in a MP server would make it faster.
so after i beat sonic doom 2 on mobile it was softlocked,and this was already reported but my question is,if i import the savefile from the phone to the computer the ending should work fine right?]
possibly, but remember that mobile is unsupported. Also make sure your mobile version of SRB2 is up to date to at least 2.2.11 minimum.

This part can make you a lil bit slower if standing on it for some seconds
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Mostly on the start line
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Something I'm curious about after going through, do you ever plan to have campaigns of the other milestones after christmas demo, or is it presently not feasible/something you're interested in?
currently not feasible. Though technically speaking, they could be broken off into separate downloadable campaigns.
Ah that's quite understandable remembering how the campaign actually works through having a set order of levels, something that wouldn't work without having duplicate maps which would bloat the wad size considerably. Doing the later would work much better and it would be nice to have that ability, albeit it's not particularly vital given how the more recent game versions are pretty easy to play.