someone named light bein rude on servers

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The Master Server is not actually a server: it's more akin to a pinboard in a plaza where people can pin pamphlets to inform everyone seeing the pinboard that there's a netgame going on at their IP address. When you join their server, you are connecting directly to their IP, with no middleman.

Since we own the pinboard, we can prevent people from posting on it, which is why we can delist and ban hosts from the Master Server. However, we cannot prevent people from seeing the pinboard or what's on it. Which is why when you host on the Master Server, you consent to have your IP address shared with everyone who's viewing it, and with having your server visited by literally anyone.

If you are the host:
  • You control who stays in your server. Feel free to have your own rules and kick and ban liberally, specially when it's someone doing something you don't like. We cannot do this for you.
  • Be around, make yourself reachable by displaying contact info, or station admins to take care of any situations that may occur in your server. Remember that we reserve ourselves the right to delist or ban servers whose hosts don't do anything about behavior that breaks the Master Server rules.
If you're not the host:
  • Reach out to the host so they can take action about the person causing trouble. Do not contact SRB2 community staff unless it breaks the Master Server rules: we can't do anything about it.
  • If the host won't do anything about the situation and it's nothing that breaks the Master Server rules, you can leave the server and find another. You do not have to stay somewhere you're uncomfortable in and there are many other servers where you can have fun.
The Master Server rules can be reviewed here:

Closing this thread because it just became people making conspiracy theories, but feel free to contact staff directly in Talk to the Staff subforum if you've got any specific concerns.
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