someone named light bein rude on servers

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this person named light being rude to people in my server because he doesn't get his way.
You can ban players on your server. Be sure to use this ability with care, so you would be fair and consistent to your players, otherwise some people could be alienated. I'm fairly sure there's a command to ban players, there's a wiki page detailing all the commands and variables, you can probably find it there. You can also type help in the in-game console (open (and close) with the ` (backtick) or ~ (tilde) key on your keyboard) to see all the available commands and variables. (You can scroll up and down the in-game console with the PageUp and PageDown keys on your keyboard.)
There's also a way to directly message a single player: First, type the command nodes in the in-game console. This will print a list of all connected players together with their assigned node numbers (the first number, on the left, in each printed line). Then, type the following command, replacing the relevant parts:
For example:
sayto 9 Why are you behaving like this?
sayto 13 If you won't stop harassing other players, I'll ban you
I know that dude, one time when I hosted a netgame, he asked me to add alot of mods, thankfully, he's banned from my server, and from I've known, he really wanted me to add the thicc mod from mods even if the thicc mod doesn't work on other mods, only does mystic realm, and srb2.
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Unfortunately game crash last nigt causing Ban list to get reset so _Light_ joins my server again a month later. he acts the same i meant StarMii10TheProtogen that _Light_ call him a month ago but I'm not allowed to say it here so it had to censored it. _Light_ keeps begging someone for admin I banned him from my server and it stays permanent.
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He got mad at me for not fixing the lag in my server. He then writes a paragraph, saying why he left playing the game, bad grammar at that too. He later joined me again later a few days or weeks later and says "not this shiza again." Blames me, then leaves. I haven't seen him since, but it's still sad to know he acts like a 3rd grader that don't like to share his toys.


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They Literally admitted they are 11 one time, I am currently searching for the log file but this is why they act like that
I used to consider them a good friend.
They sometimes came onto my server and was pretty friendly from what I could see.
...And then I walk away one day recently to eat dinner and take a shower, and I find them arguing with people about god-knows-what.
I haven't hosted for a few days...maybe almost a week...since that.
They joined my server just now, and they didn't say anything. I would only have to assume they were here to say how bad i am or something like that. Before he could say anything, i gave him this. I really do think he doesn't belong in this community, not the way with how he acts in other servers and towards people for no good reason other than to be rude.
was on a server a few days ago and found this absolute bozo. had no idea the rabbit hole was this deep
i found him in the dream universe coop server and he is kind of a bitch, he kept saying dirk is the best character and when i said i dont agree he just said i was wrong and a dumbass.
I reading Gam's log and apparently In SnocSock's server He give him admin Gam thought it was SonicCD Portleg and _Light_ kicked him out and call him ungrateful bitch.


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Light is one of those people that is sometimes really annyoing to deal with,but not as bad as Moth does to destroy the servers and say cuss words 24/7.

In fact,since Moth has multiple names to hide his name,he could actually be Light you all are talking about. Not sure if its true,but its just my speculation.
Idk what y'all are talking about tbh but he should be banned, Ima just agree he should be banned cause idk why tbh
After seeing this thread, then seeing light ingame. Hes a pretty chill dude.
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