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[Reusable] Snatcher (A Hat in Time)

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Unironic Joker/Yu Narukami Main

That's right! The Snatcher from the hit indie game "A Hat in Time" makes his way to kart!

Being a ghost, you can expect him to be quite light, and a tad bit faster than most others. (8 Speed, 3 Weight) Bumping him around might be easy, but underestimating him is a Death Wish.

Now, if you could kindly sign this contract... oh, it's nothing special, just that if you lose too much to Snatcher... ah well, no need to read the fine print, eh? Go on, give Snatcher a go!

Big thanks to the following:
TelosTurntable for helping with the spritework
Ibuki for his help with audio


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