September/October 2009 Voting

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MAPR1 - Frostbite Peak Zone by RedEchidna
Cool map here. but it was a bit hard to tell what ice was slick and what ones was not. Also, neat short cut you have. :P

MAPR2 - Egg Flower Zone by Mach
Eh, this was OK... The transition to the ERZ and GFZ parts could have been better. but the level played ok, some times it was a bit cheap.


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Also, disregarding the rusty spork comment, did I make any mistakes in the votes? I just want to make sure I didn't miss any so that we don't have people fussing after the results come out.


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= Single Player Division =

*Gothic Gardens Zone Act 1 by VX501*
- 3/10
*Refurbished Gadgetry Zone by SonicMaster*
- 7/10
*Graceful Coast Zone by D00D64* - 8/10
*Magma Core Zone Act 2 by Blade*- 9/10

=Multiplayer Division=

*Battle Forest Zone by Aaron* - 6/10
*Misty Mesa Zone by fawfulfan* - 5/10
*Acid Comet Zone by D00D64* - 5/10
*Icicle Warehouse Zone by glaber* - 6/10
*Volcanic Desolation Zone by Scizor300* - 4/10
*Azure Lake Zone by KO.T.E* - 8/10
*30 Minute Zone by RedEchidna* - 1/10

*Canyon CTF Zone by Eggmanfan* - 0/10
*Ancient Arboretum Zone by Com Rante* - 8/10
*Red River Zone by darkbob1713* - 5/10
*Sunshower Canyon Zone by D00D64* - 7/10
*Techno Laser Zone by KO.T.E* - 5/10
*Iron Turret Returns Zone by Neo* - 8/10
*La Villa Strangiato Zone by Penopat* - 8/10

*Frostbite Peak Zone by RedEchidna* - 6/10
*Egg Flower Zone by Mach* - 5/10

I hope I'm not late..



ms reflec beat stan
I could have sworn 30 Minute Zone got a 6 somewhere. I can't be too sure, but I could've sworn Coat gave it that.


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There's still another 10 minutes before voting ends. You're fine, Hinote.

Also, we don't have any users name Coat.


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FF, I have been nick neamed "Coat" be cause that is how most people say KO.T.E. just clearing that up a bit.


Gothic Gardens Zone, Act 1 by VX501 - 3/10
It looks like you know the basics of mapping, but the map itself felt rather uninteresting and linear. The solid water as a death pit along with the easy to screw 2D transition did not help.

Graceful Coast Zone by D00D64 - 3/10
Being all 2D, but without the altered stats is already a bad sign. There were too many blind jumps, and those spikes underground were pretty much unavoidable. I also have no idea where Eggman is; you said that you need all the emeralds to see him, but you shouldn't have to hunt the already impossible to get emeralds(dunno how you can get the purple one with Sonic).

Refurbished Gadgetry Zone by SonicMaster - 6/10
I really loved who you handled the alternate routes through gravity, but there are times where it was simply "jump from platform to platform." The falling lava in the ceiling route was pretty much unavoidable, since it took a while to start moving while bouncing on the blue springs.

Magma Core Zone, Act 2 by Blade - 7/10
This map was great in terms of length and general layout, but there are a few problems. First, don't have flamethrowers completely block the path, and make the player have to wait for them to subdue(I got killed in the rising lava section because of this). Second, the flamethrowers themselves need to have a pipe of sort that indicates where they are going to come out. Finally, the custom fire enemies need to shoot less flames, but the flames themselves should also move faster.

MAPM1 - Battle Forest Zone by Aaron - 3/10
Eh, I guess the layout is okay(cave needs to be wider, plus the main room doesn't have a whole lot on the bottom), but you really need to fix your weapon and ammo placement. Ammo was always clustered around the panels, and as Mystic as proved, easy access to Grenade ammo is very game breaking.

MAPM2 - Misty Mesa Zone by fawfulfan - 1/10
This map pretty much falters for being symmetrical, but it doesn't end there. The outside area was too flat, but the tunnels just happen to be cramped. The mass amount of monitors also made it too easy to warp someone into the pit.

MAPM3 - Acid Comet Zone by D00D64 - 2/10

The outside area is way too open, and while the inside isn't horrible, having to use blue springs to get on the top of the platforms made it too easy to get hit by an Explosion Ring. The ring draining in the acid was also unnecessary, and having to get hurt to get a random monitor is not what I call good design.

MAPM4 - Icicle Warehouse Zone by glaber - 3/10

What was up with the random and awkwardly shaped clusters of ring and ammo? Of course, the mass amount of grenade ammo led to the same problem Battle Forest Zone had. The bridges and halls were also pretty cramped, allowing the bounce ring to be abused easily as well.

MAPM5 - Volcanic Desolation Zone by Scizor300 - 3/10
This map needs to be far less huge and flat. Also, the volcano area had little purpose, the towers didn't do a whole lot besides provide ammo, and the large and flat underwater areas made it take too long to make it out of the water. The upper cliff area also feels too separated from the rest of the map, and you also got sent up to high trying to get up there, which might make you an easy target for railing. Condense this map more, and give every area a purpose, and it might improve.

MAPM6 - Azure Lake Zone by KO.T.E - 4/10

It looks pretty, but sadly, said prettiness gets in the way with the map, as there is too much stuff in the way preventing me from seeing well and forcing me to jump too often. The sinking water didn't cause me too much trouble, but try to make the water less translucent to make it easier to know that it sinks you. The invisible barrier also was a pretty big annoyance, and that out area should probably get removed alongside the outer halls.

MAPM7 - 30 Minute Zone by RedEchidna - 1/10
Sadly, I didn't get to play this map too much, but the over abundance of rings/ammo/ect, and the center rarely sending you up towards the map made this pretty bad for the one game I actually did get to play it in.

MAPF1 - Canyon CTF Zone by Eggmanfan - 0/10
What happened here? Inescapable quicksand, terrible object placement, cramped corridors, and falling rocks everywhere makes this perhaps the worst map to be entered in the OLDC(then again, I cannot remember the Shining River and the like that well).

MAPF2 - Ancient Arboretum Zone by Com Rante - 4/10

This map was somewhat playable, but like Azure Lake, it suffers from having too much in your way. I also did not like how easy the Whirlwind shield monitor made it easy to quickly capture the flag by making a few jumps in the grassy area.

MAPF3 - Red River Zone by darkbob1713 - 4/10
The lack of team rings made it difficult to guard the flag, but the fact that you need to climb up the ledges most of the time also made capturing the flag difficult as well. The general layout is okay, but the area between the bases needs to be tweaked. It needs to be shortened in general, plus I actually had trouble finding the other base because you saw mostly only the sky when you spring up to the tower and wall.

MAPF4 - Sunshower Canyon Zone by D00D64 - 3/10
This was far too big of a map, which was one of the reasons why the game we played it led to no one capturing the flag. The huge base led to the flag being impossible to guard like the previous map, but the colossal size of the map meant that you took too much time to make it back to the base. It was also a pain to get up to the base, as it was too easy to accidentally fall out of the waterfall, and then have to try to get back up there again.

MAPF5 - Techno Laser Zone by KO.T.E - 5/10

The concept was awesome, but the execution wasn't that great. Shrinking made the map a pain to get around, and while growing did allow you to get around faster, it made you far too easy to hit, and get hit by the lasers at your own base. Pressing and trying to figure out what they did led to me just ignoring the buttons. There is apparently an alternate route only big players take, I only manage to find this route once, and now I can't even remember where said routes are now afterward because there is so much stuff in the way like in Azure Lack and that palace map. Oh, and the door shutting access to the base only led to even more confusion.

MAPF6 - Iron Turret Returns Zone by Neo - 7/10
It played mostly the same as how I remembered it, but the alternate routes did help make it a little more interesting. However, some of the areas accessed by the areas with spring were not very easy to see.

MAPF7 - La Villa Strangiato Zone by Penopat - 5/10
The biggest problem with this map is that it takes very little amount of time to get from one side of the base to the other, thus making the outside and bottom area just places for the flag carrier to hide.

MAPR1 - Frostbite Peak Zone by RedEchidna - 3/10
The colormap and the cramped design made it difficult to see your surroundings, and it doesn't help that most of the players in the netgame this was played in got a game over.

MAPR2 - Egg Flower Zone by Mach - 5/10
First off, I had no idea if the checker wall at the start was solid or not. In general, the map itself seems to play okay, but something was not right about the space countdown area. Perhaps it was because it lacked the lowered gravity that one would expect in that kind of area.
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SP votes real quick

Magma Core Zone - 9/10
Very good, has nice custom enemies, but some gimmicks were overused. The cutscene was awesome.

Refurbished Gadgetry Zone - 3/10
Pretty boring, I didn't like many of the gimmicks, and the reversed gravity parts were annoying.

Gothic Gardens Zone - 3/10
Boring, name doesn't really fit, and the 2D part was bugged.

Graceful Coast Zone - 5/10
Looks nice, but some parts were annoying. Pretty good, though.


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Canyon CTF Zone by Eggmanfan N/A would like to have a word with you.

Ancient Arboretum Zone by ComRante 4/10

The area where the bases are in are okay, but the area outside of them is cluttered with obstacles and hard to move around in without jumping so much.

Red River Zone by darkbob1713 8/10

This level is very fun. My only complaint would be the placement of the bridge and yellow springs, they need to be moved farther apart from each other.

Sunshower Canyon Zone by D00D64 8/10

This is very fun, but the map is too big. Try adding some more in the middle of the death pit area to add more variety to the paths.

Techno Laser Zone by KO.T.E 5/10

Nice concepts but can get really annoying fast, especailly the lasers and doors.
The middle area could need some revising because it seems too plain and easy to run past.

Iron Turret Returns Zone by Neo 9/10

This is made of win. You made it even better than ever. The only things between this and a perfect score is the amount of rings and how flat the underground area is.

La Villa Strangiato Zone by 'Not' Penopat 6/10

The bases are closeby each other making the rest of the area useless to navigate through except for weapons. Make the bases across from each other. Other than that the design of the bases are okay.
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Voting has ended! I'm going to add up the votes now. It might take a little while long than expected, because I think I skipped a page of votes somehow.


New name: "Blivsey"

Battle Forest Zone: 9/10
Incredibly detailed and expansive. The only problem I have with it is the lack of Emerald Spawns.

Misty Mesa Zone: 8/10
Arid Canyon, win.
I played this for the full 5 minutes, and my only thoughts were "This place is huge" and "WHERE ARE THE RINGS?" The level's only rings are placed in the tunnels underground. If you get your rings stolen, you're dead in the inexistant water. And again with the lack of Emerald spawns!

Acid Comet Zone: 6/10
This place is fairly detailed and well-placed with the items, but... I'm struggling with the fact that the Emeralds only spawn in the acid area, where you CAN'T recover them if you fall. At least you can get out of the acid, so you thought it through a bit.

Icicle Warehouse Zone: 6/10

Um, this is just... strange. With the random Mario textures, the batches of rings and weapon rings, and the general layout of the level (I've never seen a warehouse with so many paths), it feels like a joke area. Although there are weapon rings EVERYWHERE, there's only one or two cards per weapon, so you're likely to have the maximum stocked up before you actually can use them. Think the plan thoroughly before making it next time. Also, raise your Emerald spawns up a few units.

Volcanic Desolation Zone: 7/10
Funnily enough, Scizor300 and I were on the #wadbase chatroom while I reviewed his level, and I was teasing him about it. The first problem I had was with a certain sector of lava. Since I was a ledge below it, I thought it was just a platform, and jumped on a pool of fire at top speed. Yeah, I yelled at him for a bit. The rest of the level was decent, wide open, and (here we go again) Emerald-less. Overall, not too shabby. Just, no cheap-shotting, please?

Azure Lake Zone: 10/10
First off, very nice effect, with the arena surrounded by background scenery... This level is pretty, expansive, and definitely worth the 10. Two things: One, I was so impressed, I disabled the time limit just because I was curious as to where the Emeralds were spawning, because I had found two by the 5-minute mark. Two, the Azure Lake quick-sand-water is epic. I'll go as far to say that it looks like an official level, and I can't give much higher praise.

30 Minute Zone: X/10
lolol best hear but warez teh evil 1337 lavuh

30 Minute Zone: 5/10
Uh, yeah, let's ignore the joke factor and rate it.
Actually, it's not too bad. It's like an experienced person decided to do a joke level, but accidentially made it too good. It's still bad, though. It's randomly elevated ledges around a pit, with a ring around it that serves no purpose other than to give you ring monitors and weapons, which you can do in the main area. It's really, really boring.


Frostbite Peak Zone: 7/10
Lots of dying. Lots of it. The level is very nice-looking, but there's only one real path through it, except for the awesome shortcut past the second checkpoint, I won't spoil it. But if you screw up getting there, sometimes you get respawned in a place where you can't save yourself from death. Cool, having a shortcut that can completely kill you if you don't do it exactly right. Other than that, fairly excellent. Would be 9, but I docked points because of said fatal flaw.

Egg Flower Zone: 7/10
First off, I have to say that Mach actually got me to betatest this one before submitting it. And he definitely improved a bit. There are a few problems, though. The GFZ/ERZ scenery, one of the things that was definitely a stretch to accept, actually sort of flows, or at least doesn't look like they were slapped together. There are also a lot of Eggman statues, but most of them aren't too hard to avoid. He followed through on my main complaint of the space countdown part being too hard, and the platforms were made bigger. But, I noticed that by the fourth lap, some of the crushers that were easier to get past in the earlier laps, were now de-synced, so it was much harder. Also, it's way too easy to do a long thok right before the finish line, and pass the first part easily. Overall, not too bad. It's definitely an average of difficulty between ERZ and GFZ.

...what do you know, a tie.


Canyon CTF Zone: 2/10

First off, when I joined the Blue Team, my spawn point was in the middle of a rockslide. Scared the hell out of me. Next, I went to the quicksand, which KILLED ME BEFORE I COULD PRESS JUMP. Then, the pulleys that were missing a waypoint, therefore not working, therefore killing me in a pit. When I finally got THAT to work, I encountered a rockslide covering the entire tiny path. I barely escaped. Then, a tiny little path with slippery sludge, which I almost died on. A short path later, a part where I was SURE something stupid would happen which didn't, and MORE QUICKSAND. I died there, and I quit there. Ugh.

Ancient Arboretum Zone: 9/10
Very detailed. Could use a few more monitors, though. That's all I can say. It's also been a long time since I performed a stupid death and LAUGHED at myself. My pick for the CTF mode.

Red River Zone: 7/10
Textures are slightly boring and overused, and level is too linear, but otherwise, good. (Running out of voting time...)

Sunshower Canyon Zone: 8/10
Much more interesting than RRZ. And, epic music ftw.

Techno Laser Zone: 7/10
The moment I loaded the map, my first reaction was "Oh no, ERZ music, I'm doomed." But this thing isn't too bad, it's just confusing to be suddenly shrunk by the panels and not know since you're in first-person. Note: FirstPerson and scale do not mix well unless you make sure the player KNOWS they've been scaled.

Iron Turret Returns Zone: 7/10
Very accurate remake. I think I'll give it the same thing I give the original Iron Turret.

La Villa Strangiato Zone: 8/10
Congratulations, Not Penopat, you succesfully tricked me into thinking there was a secret off the side of a cliff, only to discover it to be a texture illusion. Way to go! :D

There's my spiel.

EDIT: Crap, took a little too long testing and typing. Will my votes still count?
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