September/October 2009 Voting

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Gemini Spark

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犬夜叉;649027 said:
Eighteen zeros.

My friends, this is history in the making.

And to think, if I hadn't been messing around with stuff, it could have been nineteen zeroes. Or I could've given it a 1. *shot*


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犬夜叉;649034 said:
The Shining River had a flat 0 ages ago, but had nowhere NEAR that many votes.

Actually, Shining River was DQd anyway. This is the first REAL, non-DQ'd 0.

Yeah, even though The Shining River was disqualified and was the first map to receive a flat 0 in the history of the OLDC; I'm impressed to see that Canyon CTF was the first map that was not disqualified to receive it, even though it was the second map to have such a score.

And let's forget that The Shining River ever existed, It was a test map I made to test out my map making skills. Even though I released it on the forums before entering the contest (the latter that led to it getting disqualified from the contest back in September/October 2005).
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Hey, could be worse, Mikel. At least you realized after a bit how astronomically terrible that thing was =P


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Well, this contest wasn't the best, but seeing as it's the first one after the new release, that's sorta understandable.

And Eggmanfan needs to get something for his map, it's just that bad.


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Whoo, what a contest, here I had thought both of my maps would lose.
Like blade said, wasn't the best of the contestes we have had, but it is good for the fist 2.0 one.

Also, I agree with Blade about Eggmanfan. He should get something. :P


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My congratulations to the contest winners (any day I would end up saying it).

We had lots of fun in this issue: we went crazy when the packs were out, we played ton of hours until falling asleep, we were cruel in our reviews, our servers were hacked, rushed the reviews, we had some surprises... this deserves some fireworks.



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Sorry I never got a chance to cast my last vote guys... hard to find time to type up reviews and play the games alongside all my other activities. Even I wouldn't have the time to write up a review as long as Neo's... Congrats to those who won.

Gemini Spark

The EX version
Yesh, congrats to the winnahs. And again, sorry for messing up. I'm usually good with deadlines, I don't know how THIS one slipped past me. >_<


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My level's average rating was 3.71.

That's pretty bad, but a bit higher than usual for a fawfulfan level.

But I give you my word: I've already just about finished my levels for the Nov/Dec 2009 and Jan/Feb 2010 OLDCs, respectively, and you will like them better than my previous garbage.


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Take the remaining time to improve them and make them even better. After all, the more effort you put in, the better it is! ^.~

(of course, FPZ had a lot of beta testing and stuff and still didn't turn out too good :<)


Congrats to everyone who won! I just wish I could've reviewed the multiplayer ones. There was just so many.

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For a poor OLDC, it sure was poor. It could've been a heck lot better, considering you had enough time to do a decent map AND test it various times. O well... I hope that next time will be much better.

Of course, you'll be seeing me review them, as usual.


The random monitors were hardly the problem. The biggest problem was the ammo clumped next to the corresponding weapon panel and the occasional symmetrical stage.

I'll admit it's hard not to succumb to the temptation of making a quarter of your stage, then rotating and pasting it three times, but the end result is much better, with no exception.


Oh yes they were, Neo. Maybe you just got lucky in the games you played, but the games I played on the pack were frequently ruined by the random monitors going off constantly.

A LOT of things were wrong with the levels in this pack, but I think that failure will probably explain the reasoning behind the suggestions I made better than I ever could, so I think it's not a complete loss. Everyone can use this to learn what doesn't work by example X_X
So how did MCZ2 get a higher score than the original MCZ2 from that May/June 08 contest? The original MCZ2 really was a lot better.
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