Scratch Cat


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Looks like this cat programmed a way into the game. Interesting.

The Scratch Cat has joined the character list for SRB2Kart!

Their stats are 3,5. Just like Scratch, it's easy to catch up and learn, but you won't have an easy time keeping a steady lead with it. (Trust me.) These stats are useful on tracks that let you drift and get red sparks, since their spark rate is over average.

Their sound effects are taken from the earlier versions of Scratch.

Be careful with them though, since they straight up go Scratch.exe has stopped working when they get hit. Hope that's not too much of a problem.

Have fun with this orange cat.


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local wild wing driver
Scratch Cat updated to v1.1
- Slight sprite edits to make them look smoother, mostly a different tone for outlines
- Changed minimap colors

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