Sanic (on a kart) and Sanicball


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Step it up and crank up those fasts per hour until you blow up, because Sanic cloned himself to race even more, and brought his Sanicball to duplicate Sanicness through SRB2Kart.

Although there has already been a Sanic running at the speed of sound in this game, he never thought of bringing a vehicle until now. Including stats of 9,4, we already know that since Sanic is naturally very fast and agile, so that was granted in his vehicle as well. This Sanic was made to complement Mayro (, made by Superjustinbros / AozoraJustin. (KC_sanick)

While the Sanicball has been in my thoughts for months, I didn't think about uploading it here until now. With stats of 8,1 [they were 9,1] , this blue ball will have to drift a long time to keep those fasts/h at a high number. Yes, it's risky to have such a low weight, but you have the advantage of escaping a threat with high handling. (KC_sanicball)

Both of these are on the following zip file:


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local wild wing driver
Oh boy, i actually updated these two. Here are the changes for anyone interested.

-Assymetrical on his face and shoes.
-Portaits got a bit of anti-aliasing.

-Stats changed from 9,1 to 8,1.
-Green tones are now darker, so now his default color is Periwinkle.


local wild wing driver
So... about that quick update i did to Sanic... i forgot to add his signpost sprite, somehow.
If you happen to have a hold of these two, i'll recommend at least updating Sanic to fix this little error.
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