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Run on Water - Run on water... S3K style!

You remember how in Sonic 3 you could run on top of water in Hydrocity as long as you were running fast enough? Well, now you can do that in SRB2! Along with a S3K styled running on water effect.

All you need to do is have a speed equal to or higher than 50, speed shoes or momentum recommended!
You might have seen something similar to this in #devetopment in you're in the official discord server.

Thanks to the SRB2 discord and Bloops who made the water running code for XMomentum. They...

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i was under the impression you could do this in game and i thought i just wasnt fast enough when i wasnt able to run on water now i know im just stupid! but whos stupid now when i download this!? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! take that srb2! making me look like a fool i show you whos the fool!... still me...

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