Rin's Map Pack v2.2.0

[Level Pack] Rin's Map Pack v2.2.0 2021-03-11


Introducing a map pack I made!

Hello, today I have a map pack to give.
My map pack isn't deriving from any primary source so it could be a mish-mash of all worlds I enjoy, this also includes some original tracks.

There will be 5 per cup just like the main game, course if the main game changes how many cups it will have, so will this.
Thread also contains all maps seperate files incase you don't like certain maps.

I use these map slots:
And I reserve these slots:
XX - XY - XZ

Rin Cup (Placeholder name, subject to change)

New Hope Forest
Race: Circuit
Laps: 4
Music: Angry Bouts Against Friends ~ Neotic Rin
Version: 1.0.2
Home: NeoticRin Original
Map Slot: XV
A basic round trip. It has no notable shortcut.
The main gimmick of the track is the mushrooms shown above. If you have a boost, you can bounce across the mushrooms for some bouncing fun!
This is my first track, I do hope you enjoy it!

Staff Attack:
NeoticRin: Tails - 1'50''37
Dr. Von Maus: Eggman - 1'47''97
Star Lux: Sonic - 1'34''42
Pikko: Knuckles - 1'38''02
MewtewEX: Metal Sonic - 1'55''97

None of these are meant to be professional, rather a proof of concept these stat configurations can complete the track.


Race: Circuit
Laps: 4
Music: Hot Top Volcano Remake by Parrabeetle X
Version: 1.0
Home: Diddy Kong Racing
Map Slot: XW
A reimaging!
I wanted to make a track that works for land from Diddy Kong racing, originally this is a plane and hover only track. I thought I could make it work for cars, and i did!
Hope you enjoy!

Special Thanks to Pippu for help looping the song!

Version Notes:
Versions work as such.
Bug fix is dropped and Major is reset to 0 when a new map is released.

[New Hope Forest:
Thumbnail Updated
Map slot changed X1 -> XV]
[New Track: Hot Top Volcano]
[Pack was broken, thought Hot Top Volcano was a battle track and trashed music and minimap files.]

Notices: Right now the pack version doesn't show the Music's name for Hot Top Volcano.
I don't know how to fix it, if you do, please ping me on the Kart Kew discord.
Thank you.

I was given a solution and the problem was fixed, aswell as easier file management options. Will update soon


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