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We got Slopes, we got Horizontal Springs, but what we don't have are Horizontal Boosters.

I know some of you are asking, "Why would we use these things?" Let me tell you. So far, our only horizontal boosters are the springs that look out of place when not against a wall, and the sector based speed boosters. But wouldn't it be nice to have Thing based horizontal Boosters you just place and not have to mess with any linedefs or sector effects?

Well now you do!

These Speed Boosters are complementary to DirkTH's Springs and can even be used in conjunction with springs and slopes for crazy trick shots.

Horizontal Springs are not required but can be found here: http://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=42993

These speed boosters are even good for making speed jumps that can launch you higher when spinning or lower when running.

And the best part, They don't look odd when not against a wall!

Map thing numbers are as follows:
2045: Minor (Blue) Speed: 50
2046: Mega (Yellow) Speed: 150
2047: ULTRA (Red) Speed: 250


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I like that you gave the sprites extra angles, definitely helps telling players which direction the Speed Boosters are pointing at, Nice work :)


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Don't know how to make those.

Edit (9/26/2018)

anyone have a plugin for 3ds max 9?
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