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What if...
Red Rings

This mod turns every ring and monitor into evil red rings, which kill you when you touch them.

redrings_enable <0/1> - Enable or disable this mod. Does not affect already spawned rings/monitors. (default: 1)
redrings_difficulty <0-6> - Change the Red Rings "difficulty" option. The options are listed in the next spoiler. (default: 0)
0 - rings bounce up and down, slowly descending.
1 - rings can bounce horizontally off slopes.
2 - rings descend quickly.
3 - rings bounce in a random direction.
4 - rings near a player will turn in their direction, otherwise the same as 3.
5 - rings near a player will try to move directly at them, otherwise the same as 3.
6 - rings will attack players from a bigger distance and they can turn into any enemy if they touch it. Don't ask me why, I don't remember.
Fiz - Creator of OMG THE RED RINGS, a Sonic 1 hack that inspired this mod.
Have fun!
one of the gifs was recorded with godmode enabled, which is why I didn't die there


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This reminds me of a rom hack

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I think it was something like "OMG THE RED RINGS" Or something

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