Rafael goes to SRB2 Kart | Also Pedro is ready to get karted

[Reusable] Rafael goes to SRB2 Kart | Also Pedro is ready to get karted 2021-03-04

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See. I told you that he went to the KartKrew Dedicated Server.

Pedro art is unavailable for now :c

They're ready to race with their own custom voices and cool sprites! Believe me, you don't wanna see Legacy Rafael here.


Like usual , their sprites we're made on Paint. Hope you like it!​


  • kart0003.gif
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  • kart0005.gif
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  • KC_Rafael-v1.2.pk3
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  • KC_PedroTheHuman-v1.pk3
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looks decent overall, the sprites aren't great and they don't fit well into the srb2 syle (but to each their own) but overall it's a pretty decent little oc pack. nice work.


- Fixed the sounds being replaced with Rouge
- Fixed some offsets
- Added Pedro! He's human cause theres a balloon among us....


Kart time,
C'mon, grab your friends,
We'll go to very distant servers,
With Rafael the "Dog",
And Pedro the Human,
The fun will never end,
It's Kart Time

Jokes aside, It's very good, I'm really happy that Rafael did a mod of me in SRB2 Kart.

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