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Oh boy, another sonic to add to the collection of the spiky boy. What's this one about you may ask? You'll just have to play it yourself to find out.

This sonic here is called R. Sonic. This is just a sprite overhaul of Kart's R1 Sonic to make it more a-peel-ing. What does the R stand for? I don't know, figure that one out for yourself. There are so many possibilities



His stats are the same as any other sonics. Except this one has voice clips from Sonic Heroes and it uses Sapphire as his prefcolor.

And no, I don't think he will ever replace the current sonic for SRB2Kart V2. Time will only answer that question.

Version 2.0.0 (7/31/19):
• Sprites redone to match up the Sonic 3 sprites and have less Modern-Classic vibes
• Removed wind flow

Version 1.0.0 (6/14/19):
• Initial release

Version 2.0
Azeonus: Sprite assistance
Chengi: Sprite fix for front angle

Version 1.0
MirageTheBandit: Sprite assistance on front-diagonal angle


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Is there a particular reason as to why this isnt part of DirkPack? It can still go into releases, but...


Team Kinetic RPG
I feel like R Sonic could use a separate release addon, probably the only character that won't go into my char pack. Probably like the other sonics. It'll probably go into Release 5 later on, but who knows when that will happen.
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While I do prefer the rounder, cute shape of the original but your colors are far more appealing. Almost looks like an in-between classic and modern Sonic designs. Good job!


Team Kinetic RPG
Huge sprite update time. Personally, the modern+classic thing that R. Sonic had really wasn't part of the entire plan for this. So I remade R. Sonic so he resembles the Sonic 3 sprites. Hopefully this is some kind of improvement for this Sonic. I also removed the wind flow effect that he had so I apologize to some people that thought it was a cool feature.


Version 2.0
• Sprites redone to match up the Sonic 3 sprites and have less Modern-Classic vibes
• Removed wind flow

Version 1 is still in the zip file for archive purposes.

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