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Pencil Drawson (CODER(S) WANTED)

although still being worked on for a few years now, it still looks really promising!
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Are you still working on it? Forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but I'd love to hear your progress on the script!
I am working on it, but the 2nd soc isn't working because of an error. Here I'll give you the file in a conversation.
Some ideas for Pencil I had:​

What do you all think?​
Legacy Pencil is coming back!

This is an archived gif made in 2020 of all the sprites I completed for 2.1 Pencil (or at least the ones I could find), and I'm planning on bundling it with 'Modern' Pencil. Now it's just the matter of actually finding the sprites again (because I'm surprisingly bad at organization)!​
Just so everyone knows, this project is still (sorta) alive and I'm thinking of doing a couple of re-sprites for Pencil, mainly the running and waiting sprites. Progress has been non-existent, but I'm starting to make the time for this character despite the set backs! Until then, here's a goofy lookin' 'Robo-Pencil' to tide the few people who still care about this.

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