(OUTDATED) Super Bomberman Blast 2 - vB-001 (SRB2 2.0)

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Metal Blake

Like in the dirt?!?
Excellent mod. This brings back the memories of Bomberman on the PSX (It supported multitap, but Bomberman was originally for the NES).

The mod is still great, but I wonder what a Bomberman mod would be like if it had Adventure mode. (Bomberman 64 idea)

Overall, I like this mod.

I have to agree, i like this mode, and the prospect of an adventure mode similar to Bomberman 64 (which is in fact my favorite bomberman game... gotta love that Black Fortress theme!). My only complaints, however, are that
1. the collision mechanics of SRB2 make the bomber stages a pain in rear.
2. the bomb button really could use a different key, then you could have more strategies like "Hit 'n Run"
3. The Bomber stages take up the default SRB2 stages

Other than that, epic mod. Keep up the good work.


Wizard 1.0 is SRB3!
Game won't even start

I clicked the SBB2 for the first time, and it told me I was missing SRB2.srb/SRB2.wad. So, I got it from the 2.1.11 installer, but when I go to boot it again, then it won't start because it detected an extra WAD file (I'm assuming this is SRB2.srb). Can you fix this? Or am I using the wrong game version?
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