(OUTDATED) Super Bomberman Blast 2 - vB-001 (SRB2 2.0)

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I somehow cant join any server that has this WAD. Dont ya know why?
And yes im trying to join by SBB.exe.


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I somehow cant join any server that has this WAD. Dont ya know why?
And yes im trying to join by SBB.exe.
Hm.. Odd. I was able to play people during development and on the release candidate. Are you sure?

With information that vague, My best advice would be to re-download the application.


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Some (not all) of these bug reports have been noted and fixed. Progress has been slowing down due to personal affairs (School, etc) but this one project of mine isn't quite dead yet.

*add bomberman as a playable char
*fix the glitch of starting on a wall
*add ring moniters but make them inside of blocks and look like hearts
*fix the glitch of the always running mystery powerup to max out the speed and disable standing
*add some sort of boss
*make the intro more bomberman-friendly
*disable knuxs ablity to break thrugh blocks
*make the first level passable
P.S. is this a beta?

To answer your problems respectively:
* Bomberman as a playable character will probably not come for a while. Take into the consideration the number of sprites are in the Sonic, Tails and Knuckles player files. Quite a lot!
* The "Glitch" of starting on a wall is not a glitch. It was meant to be for developmental purposes. Also the fact that Multiplayer is my main concern for this project.
* It's hard to max out the speed of a player and disable standing at the same time. The code for controlling a player isn't as easy to work with as one might think. How it works currently was through trial and error to make sure you don't give yourself a consistency failure (As strange as this sounds, it's true).
* There is already a boss coded in, however it's not used currently. It replaces GFZ3's boss so if anyone wants to test it, place the Eggman mobj in a map (no deaf flags) and go nuts.
* Making the intro more Bomberman friendly is also going to take some time. This is more likely to not happen in comparison to the character.
* Knuckles' abilities to break through blocks has already been fixed. It was a simple oversight I forgot to check during testing.
* The current levels are driven for multiplayer use only. Eventually, I plan to make a map or two for single player use. For now, you guys will just have to make deal with what you currently have. Sorry!

EDIT (2/9/11):
It's amazing how a lot of people think that Turtle Man programmed most of this modification. In this iteration of Super Bomberman Blast 2, he had little to no involvement in the creation of this port (I haven't even contacted him via Private Message). However, the reason why he's credited is because I only recycled bits of his code from the previous iteration of SBB2. The 'bits of code' of his that I mentioned in the previous sentence was actually a block of code which turns bombs solid (Copy/pasted to fit the thinkers of other bomb types). Everything else is my doing.

It's quite awful to hear such a thing from a good number of outside sources. Am I really looked down upon that much?
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I just tried the new version, it seems nice. Yes, Flame made this. I haven't even played Bomberman, well other than SBB2.

Bug report, in CTF when a player touches the other team's "team rings" they disappear.


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I believe I know what is causing the team rings to disappear when touched. I'll look into that when I can.

<Flame> Why does school have to dump so much stuff on me all at once?
<Flame> Seems like I'll have to put off working on other things for a while..
Don't think I've forgotten about this project though.



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I believe I know what is causing the team rings to disappear when touched. I'll look into that when I can.

Don't think I've forgotten about this project though.

Oh, phew. I read that this was a test build, and somewhat eagerly awaited a new one, but realising it hasn't been updated for a while made me worry a little. ^^;

But this reboosts my wateveritscalled.


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It's supposed to be multiplayer, so... You need to have a time limit on match to make it work right. Nothing IS supposed to happen on Singeplayer.
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This mod sounds great! I'll give it a spin when figure out how to get mods to work in SRB2 I'm kinda new to SRB2.

EDIT: I just learned how to do mods in the same hour I posted this.
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might be in wrong thread if it is im sorry.........2?

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super bombermanblast2 rocks
lolololololoplhfytftyi am noob

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I know what to do. dont load the bombermanblast 2 file.
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That's nice... Thank you for sharing that with us.

Anyways, I tried out this mod not too long ago... Gotta say that I had a blast with this one. (pun intended) I can see myself hosting some netgames with this. By the way, any way to zoom the camera out or to at least angle it a little higher?


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An update with progress on this? Currently it's on a hiatus since I keep getting distracted by other things. I'd really love to work on this again, I really do. It's a shame though that it seems I'm unable to make time to do so nowadays.

Yes, almost a year has gone by without an update. Hell, I haven't touched the project since February/March or so because of my current situation. I don't want to get into details about this however.

An update will come when it's done. I've been brainstorming ideas of what I can do while I haven't been working on this. That is including some new game mode involving territory control. Fingers crossed!
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A little update. First time in little over a year!
Long story short, I had some time today to work in this little project. This was the outcome.


The code itself is dirty and needs some cleaning. Some floor flats also need fixing too, but otherwise this game mode is nearing completion. I hope everyone finds it as pleasurable as I do!
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my step brother keeps on calling this "gedo pyromasters" (the name of the game has no space inbetween Pyro and masters) but the thing is Pyromasters is a FLASH GAME he is calling this mod a fake-o pyromasters" what di you think? you tell me and ill tell him for you
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