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Togen submitted a new resource:

Open Tricks - why do they call it showboating if I'm in a go-kart?

OpenTricks is an extensible addon for introducing tricking mechanics into SRB2Kart.


During the start of each race, you will be presented a chance to select your trick style for the course. Press BRAKE (or your configured button) while rising in the air to begin a trick. When your cursor passes over the sweet-spot, release the button to perform a trick. Succeed and you can attempt more tricks until you land.

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Is there a way to remove the meter mechanic from new engines (trick styles) we implement? We could add any past tricks we want if we can do that.
Meterless Open Tricks Style:
local function NothingThinker(player)
  player.OpenTricks.meter.timer = -1 -- any number outside of the normal range will do.
  player.OpenTricks.meter.sweetspot = FRACUNIT -- ditto.

OPENTRICKS_ADD("nothing", "wow!", "K_TRNULL", "K_TRNULL", false, nil, NothingThinker, nil, nil)

This is ugly and weird, though.

I will add a more organic means of blocking tricks to my to-do list.
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Togen updated Open Tricks with a new update entry:

first update in <24 hours or your money back

  • Made Open Trick boosts stack with vanilla boosts.
  • Added smaller splitscreen icons to the existing styles.
  • Changed the command prefix to "otrx_" to hopefully alleviate netid issues.
    • If you're time-traveling and want to try out v1, the prefix there is "otricks_".
  • Added otrx_mul as a server variable determining the relative strength of all Open Trick boosts.
  • Replaced the Augment "wheel" vfx, reduced the length of Augment trails.
    • Wheels edited...

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This is a really neat addon- I like the options and flexibility it gives to customizing your trick style that best suits the current track or your preferred playstyle.

Dropdash doesn't really play all that nicely with certain jumps and wind rides, I've realized.


Togen updated Open Tricks with a new update entry:

Downloadable Content

Open Tricks
  • Added otrx_x and otrx_y as means to control the gameplay UI. Non-zero values will override the logic that Open Tricks uses to determine the x/y position.
  • Added the Item key to the list of inputs that lock your selection when held. In effect, you can't change your trick selection while holding Brake, Drift, or Item.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to creating a list of non-banned styles.
  • Rewrote the code for displaying multiple trick icons.
  • Tucked in the...

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Not sure if it's just a bug with the amount of addons I'm using, but trying to use the ban commands for the tricks causes the game to crash if you try to change trick style? I get a crash message saying "Out of Memory (Just a bunch of numbers) bytes"?
Lately, I've been running into a severe bug where the dial on the trick meter does not advance if the Brake button is held in mid air, and I am not sure what causes this error to occur; as in races it flipflops between working, not working after a lap or two, or not working the entire race.

The Chao trick style can also cause severe performance issues when it "flexes" on other players, since it affects everyone not using the trick style and stacks up the effect in more crowded lobbies.
Togen updated Open Tricks with a new update entry:

Princess Jane has no new tricks

Update to fix an issue with the trick menu crashing games when certain styles were banned, and stole some very basic code from Advance Tricks for more interesting trick VFX.
I was hoping to implement a new trickstyle or two (at minimum I wanted to port the actual Advance Tricks mechanics as a new style), but I've put off this update for long enough. It's more important to fix the crash at this point.

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Is there a way to have the Trick Selection menu disappear? I'm planning to ban all tricks except for Peelout and don't want the menu or icon to appear on the HUD.

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