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Movie Sonic Progress thread (cancelled)



Sonic from the live action movie series!

Abilities: lightning charge(s).

(And yes I am well aware that @TheRealBaconGuy is making one, I just want to make my own version.)
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Updated the A1 and made tweaks to the other frames.

Movie Sonic.gif

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I still haven't gotten around to really working on this mod yet but because I'm currently working on ova Sonic I have not gotten the chance too.
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maybe he could have this special homing attack that's like lost world's, where he can target multiple enemies, and will zip right through all of them in order, since he does something like this in sonic 2
I am afraid I have to put this project on hold, since I am working on ova sonic at the moment I cannot work on this one at all and I might go as far as canceling it temporarily until I can finish ova sonic.
I'll be honest, for as much as I can respect your skill and sudden bursts of motivation, I did see it coming to some degree.
I'm also aware this is not my business but I feel it's probably worth speaking out about this?
I don't know how many mods you're working on atm, but please don't stretch yourself thin! Time and time again I notice you get to work on something, start a new thread on another project... Only to put it on Hiatus, Cancel it (temporarily or not for one reason or another), or say either of those two things and for some time still show progress in a regular basis.
Doesn't really matter if we're being accidentally led on (I don't know what other word or expression to use there, sorry if I'm incorrect or offend!), after all your skill at spriting and delivering on exactly what you have planned is commendable and releasing well-done mods into this message board is generally great-- they're enjoyable for plenty of people.
Still, I can't help but feel I'm seeing a bit of an unhealthy back and forth with yourself. Really sorry for overstepping boundaries and talking about something I've no business talking about (I'm no therapist either), but I wanted to share this in case it'd ever do any good!
The only projects that I am currently working on is Ova Sonic and movie sonic (somewhat.) While I do think that this sort of habit is questionable I believe you speaking your mind on this is a good thing, not a bad one. I'm not canceling movie sonic it's just being put on hold until I can finish ova sonic or get an exponential amount of it finished. (To also add on the projects list I'm helping someone out with there mod too but it's a team effort.)

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