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I kinda hope you make a Alex "echo fighter", Minecraft is filled with so many items and mechanics i think you could make a semi whole character.
May I mention that the Dirt block sprites turn the wrong way when moving the camera around them? I don't know why, but they do.

This picture was rendered by GreffMASTER using blender.


Have you ever played SRB2 and thought that something is missing?
Now you won't have to because Steve from Minecraft is finally in SRB2.

  • SWIMMING: Steve can swim underwater. This ability is very useful in Deep Sea Zone.
  • BUILDING: Steve can place one block per second. The blocks are solid objects, so they can be used as platforms.
  • ENDER PEARLS: Steve can throw ender pearls. They will teleport him after hitting floor, wall or ceiling. They are affected by gravity.
  • SUPER STEVE: After you've collected all the Chaos Emeralds, Steve can become Super Steve. In this form he is almost invincible, faster and can use his abilities twice as fast. On top of that he can also fly.
Version 2
-Added ender pearls
-Added flying ability for Super Steve
-Added custom HUD
-Added console commands (pearlcooldown, pearlspeed, placecooldown)
-Changed dirt block sprite to a shaded 16 angle sprite
-Fixed block placing in reverse gravity
-Fixed some other bugs
-Removed Herobrine

Version 1
-Initial release
  • GreffMASTER for making the Steve model and sprite render.
  • People in the mod thread for giving me new ideas and suggestions.

Supporters / CoAuthors

I can't find the model for steve. I google searched it and it seems the page was removed. Can someone reupload it?

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