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[Reusable] Mega Man (PK3 now supported!)

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Well he couldn't just let Roll go Karting alone, could he? His design is based off of that from the classic titles, specifically 1-7, and uses Japanese voice clips for consistency with the other currently released Mega Man characters.

Special thanks to LJSTAR for some color adjustment as well as the amazing sign post!

The characters seen in the 2nd gif are by Dimpsuu and dinghy.


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I love that you partially made this because I was making Roll and nobody else had intentions of making Mega Man himself.

Though I'm sad the 2nd GIF doesn't contain Sonia, our 4th Mega Man rep.


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It seems that the zip file attached in the post is invalid when I attempt to open it

As I expected, this really wasn't a personal issue with me, though I don't know why; some people can extract it just fine, while others like me seem to only be able to extract it if they use WinRAR. It's... strange.

Is there any way we can get another upload of a zip?


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According to 7-zip it's really a rar file... with zip as the file extension for some reason. Which some stuff like Windows' zip extractor don't like.


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And just like that, 1.0.2 drops. The file has been updated to the now supported .pk3, be sure to grab it!

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