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Marioblox submitted a new resource:

MB's Track Stack - ZoneBuilder? Open. Knuckles? Cracked. It's mappin' time

A map pack with 2 courses as of now. More will be coming (eventually) so keep an eye out if you're intrested!

Metro Cup:
A cup containing track that all have an urban theming

Tidal Town (MAPTT)
View attachment 91640

A peaceful seaside town with plenty of open space for... karting? Huh???

Venture Cup:
A cup containing tracks that cover a wide range of environments

Glacial Halls (MAPG5)
View attachment 91641

An old...​

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Marioblox updated MB's Track Stack with a new update entry:

1.1 Update - Track adjustments

This update includes a few changes to Tidal Town and Glacial Halls

Tidal Town
  • Changed the texture used for the offroad shortcuts to improve visibility
  • Reduced the width of the first two shortcuts a little
  • Added a few shatter blocks to the first two shortcuts (They can be broken upon impact)
  • Added some directional arrows to the second half of the track
  • Slightly moved the boost panels in the last section of the track
Glacial Halls
  • Added...

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