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(Match Map) Prismatic Match Zone


You thought you could escape the pits of Prismatic Angel?

Now it's a match map! Let the masses fall into the pit with you!

With warm welcoming pits, wide airspace, and a whole lot of rings, this map makes sure there's never a dull moment.
It has a very simple layout to keep things as basic as they can. It's meant to give off that same tightrope-running feel of the source material, but carried over into match mode.

Have fun.


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Certainly not as dangerous as the actual Prismatic Angel, but after my 2 years of Nimbus Ruins experience, I'm not complaining.
This is pretty cool. I love the idea of Prismatic Angel and other maps getting Match/Battle variants.
I looked at the map and saw that there are mixed textures in some sidedefs, half of the map is red. This is easy to fix. And Yes, it's a good idea to interpret these levels.

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