March/April 2011 Voting

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Training my mapmaking skill


Lakeside Hill Zone by Dails - 2/10
This map is still like beginner's map.. I know it's good already a little bit, however I can beat this faster than GFZ1... Hint: Putting crawlas in random obvious places and in groups are.. somewhat stupid ... IMO only that is...

Outerspace Threat Zone by Miles Knuckle Prower - 1/10
Why thank you, you have successfully EYERAPED ME!
I'll elaborate more later after I successfuly get my revenge back on Eggman... At first I thought the red barrier was TEXTURE FAIL ! >.>'
Come on, you know you can do better than this!


I'll check this pretty soon.


Now playing more with Sonic

Lakeside Hill Zone by Dails (CAN'T RATE)

Crap, I knew I could've put a little more effort in it. But it's supposed to be a simple and short map, and no, this is not my first level.

Outerspace Threat Zone (1/10)

It took me a few minutes to find out that this map was a boss map. The boss is very difficult to defeat, especially when you play as Sonic, because there's no platforms you can stand into. I died in my first try.


Okay wow guys. Can I still submit my half-done, devoid of objects map? I think it would still win!


---Single Player---

Lakeside Hill Zone by Dails - 1/10

Hey, Dails (whoever you are), try making bigger maps. I know you feel all proud of yourself for making a map and submitting it, but it's not really something you should be proud of. It took me under 30 seconds, and there was a huge cluster of Crawlas. Why exactly was there a checkered floor under the checkpoint, again...?

Outerspace Threat by Miles Knuckle Power - 1/10

Sorry, Miles, but that was probably one of the worst Boss levels I've ever played. It was bad enough that Eggy was too high up for me to hit with his missiles, but having a laser shield and turrets, too? Not my idea of a good boss.


The single player category has gotten poor in variety of maps again, and it seems the quality has gotten poor too evaluating from the reviews/rates. I'll enter my feedback soon...

EDIT: Okay here we go.

Lakeside Hill by Dails: 1/10

"There isn't any replay value for this map. There isn't anything fun to do in this map. There's barely anything TO do in this map. These are some requirements you need to think about when making a map Dails. Try adding in stuff that you think is really fun into your next time. Something fun that makes even you, yourself play this map over and over again.

There are flaws with this map as well. What's with the pointless lake? There's nothing to benefit the player enough to get out of the water except that blue spring which leads you back to from where you started. At the finish goal there are pits that you can't escape from. There's an open extra life monitor you can reach without even having to jump upon those 30 platforms you created in the sky which serves nothing basically. This map could have been created better."

Outerspace Threat Zone by Miles Knuckle Power: 1/10

"Come on now Miles... This wasn't any fun at all either. I didn't like the boss even though it was challenging, but it was a bit too challenging. There's nothing much for me to say for this map.

I didn't know boss maps are now counted as single player maps. I mean, single player maps with a little bit to go through as regular levels and a boss at the end of them I agree and understand, but just arena boss maps... doesn't seem to fit as singleplayer maps in my personal opinon."

Sorry I couldn't enter my map in this contest at least everyone. Sparkling Icecap Zone still hasn't been finished, and I want to polish it up some more. I didn't want to end up entering a rush map as of almost like everyone that did in this contest.
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Monster Iestyn

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I didn't know boss maps are now counted as single player maps. I mean, single player maps with a little bit to go through as regular levels and a boss at the end of them I agree and understand, but just arena boss maps... doesn't seem to fit as singleplayer maps in my personal opinon."

IIRC, they shouldn't actually be allowed, but Mystic somehow forgot to put that bit in the OLDC Rules, and so he ended up having to include it. =P

Internet Explorer

Hello everyone.
Honestly, it's a contest plea. I agree that there are work days, but a little time on the levels would not be asking too much. Admittedly, this is a video game, but ... when talking about competition, it gets a little more than a game . It's starting to become slightly a sort of question of honor.
If I mention this is that it can rest on your seriousness in general.
Here, notice that you are rated by your work. By the advice of other people worldwide.
Anyway ... some can not possibly show their potential by certain conditions (they have no access to the computer often, he did not have time, etc ...)
Well, if I can give you some advice, feel free to spend more than 2 months. You are not necessarily obliged to participate in all competitions.
As the saying goes that I invented :
Better to skip a competition and make a level who can win that do two in a row with two levels bad.

For those who want the notes, here.


Lakeside Hill Zone by Dail : 2 / 10

... I have not seen much. Platforms fly may suggest a good job ... but it's copy and paste. I even managed to run without falling over so it was close.
The variation of texture is bad. GFZ and textures of those HPZ rocks are not suitable . It might be a little practice before the contest. The style of nature can be as effective as mechanical theme, you just know the maneuver !

Outerspace Threat Zone by Miles Prower Knuckle : 2 / 10

Well? What happened? Why am I dealing with an impossible boss?
I put 2 points for changing the game (SOC),but not more because unfortunately, you haven't spent any time here.
I hope Mobius Armaggedon will show what you can do, because's isn't good, here.


Frozen Destruction Zone by Scizor300 : 5 / 10
Well ... that's not bad. The sectors are well placed, except in the bases ... it's a funny whirlwind I've seen here. I had a little trouble to come up with Knuckles. Especially when I have the flag ... I can not climb, so I can not bring the flag to the base. It's bad, that.
Now the items ... then ... the rings : 90% copy and paste. Star rings ... you should occasionally create straights of rings. Groups of rings are not very good.
The items ... um, yes, a little improvement in the side where they aren't everywhere. They are placed in the right places.
Oh, and boxes of rings, the wiki said to put a lot of rings, but not at the point to have thirty boxes...
The majority of the note is positive on the sector, because I love the way you've constructed.

Angle Forest Zone by Katmint : 3 / 10

Katmint ... I seem to see my first level design. Only for that, I was a nice bit on the note. Reminds me of the little paths that I put in Boogie Palace ...
Be careful, this is a small handicap that I have, too, and that is hard to cure. Creating a balanced level is more difficult than it seems.
... First, please, forget me this stupid idea springs blue .. it's a challenge that is difficult but mostly lazy and bad.
Then ... I bumping on a lot of wall (that's too small areas, and it's bad in multiplayer levels), I took about 40 seconds to get the flag ... but I fell into a hole near the blue springs. There would have been a guy with a rail, I'll be in the background .
Perhaps you should read a little wiki on level design. It can surely help you make better levels.

Mossy Mushroom Area by RedEchidna : 8 / 10
I saw quite a few times this idea bouncing on mushrooms in the multiplayer, it's strange. But it's a good idea. Unless if I'm in the viewfinder of a type that handles well the Rail.
Except that it's a great arena , there are walls to protect themselves, I like. It's a very good field of war.
I have nothing else to say ... it's a level that I liked, and ... that's all.
The fact that there are easy ways to access to enemy flag...even Tails and Knuckles can access their bases without their special abilities (if they come to steal the enemy flag)
Well ! Good work.


Forst Rush Zone by Zon Scizor300 : 5 / 10

Ah, it's the same creator as Frozen Destruction! It's weird, I did notice the same style!
The first thing I noticed ... is ... simply an little arena!
It's a beautiful room but with some flaws. First, let me say that I do once turn and I found myself with all items !
You should put some items in the aerial platforms.
.. Then it's a small arena. This defect caused the biggests problems and cause the bad items placement. .. And your level look like at a symmetry. Avoid this in MATCH.
In fact, if you could have combined the beauty of this level with the size of Frozen Destruction (you will see that the items will be located well naturally), I could have a very beautiful work that can reach on my esteem 7-8 minimum.

Sandstorm by Dail Area: 7 / 10

Dail ... eh ? Whoever has done Lakeside Hill? It may not be possible! How can you make a level ... as old in 1 player and do something with much more work here?
It is a theme that strange ... but I immediately loved it. Sort of like "sand rock" with "industrial rock" ... hmm, it's hard to explain but I like it.
The items are well placed throughout. Except I saw two panels of scatter, but that's all. I think it rings and rings banks are well placed. About towers, me, I would rather put access to the top of the towers through the central Rocky Mountains. I removed the spring, if you prefer. But hey, it's not too serious. A little more work on some basics such as the size of the level, and I think increase the score. Work a little more general, simply. It's good for me.

Zero Effort Flower Zone Act 12 by D00D64: 6 / 10

Aha, I know this one well. .... Original themes.
I think a good thing to have been a little bit of gravity. There are many platforms higher and higher. Easily go on it would be good. But it is mainly to stay in the logical space ... um ...
In addition, it will be funny to see blue balls flying in the sky ! Rail Rail Rail ! Gwaaah! * Returns to the earth *.
Good. There should be a little more room to run. About items .. um, yes, I have nothing to say.
Be careful when you try new themes. It is not easy to find logical and quality. I know your levels like Cloud Cradle, I often see funny things (change the game ==> SOC)
I'm sure you have the potential to make very good levels, while remaining simple.

AccursedDonut wad by Charybdizs: 6 / 10

Hmm ... yummy yummy.
Jumping on the red and white candy while swinging missiles and the ennemies slide on the chocolate.
Even if I did not understand what is the water (the sauce, perhaps?), It remains a work appetizing. I saw there FOF on donuts (colors FOF) ! There is a bit of work, actually!
But ... back to the official rules of the MATCH.
An attractive theme. Items placed .. medium.
I did not like gravity!
Perhaps we need platforms that players can climb up . It's some other way than bouncing. And without gravity, of course.
... Yes, Meadow Match is also very simple to make, but it was done in a strategic manner ....

Hanger Egg Zone by KO.T.E. and Spherallic: 8 / 10

The duo KO.TE Spherallic and returns once again with the expert level ... you know the class, no doubt.
Your ideas are very impressive (like a rocket I saw somewhere, or walls that turn ... it's beautiful!)
But do not lose sight of the rules of the Match !
I found a lot of bounce, you must reduce this, but for other items, it should.
Then do not put TOO wall, tell you that people must fight! They must have their enemies in their sights! Especially since this topic Egg Rock + Space is dark.
I saw small yellow bars going up and down repeatedly. If someone is hiding behind this and if his enemy and has no Explosive .. it will be difficult to hurt him !
However, your ideas you both deserve to be studied. I can inspire me greatly, especially that theme ERZ, I'm rotten. My thing is more fantasy theme.
Expanded areas for running, give some freedom to your players, they will thank you with the maximum score. Keep some of the logic of MATCH.


Lost Feelings me.

Too bad I could not bring personalized music.
I have nothing to say.

Mystic Desert Area Burned by Miles Prower Knuckle: 3 / 10

If you work on Mobius, I understand you and I will forgive. Finally, you have already won the contest, it's not that serious.
I saw the same style of racing in the other toxic level.
Especially since I bump against the wall. Wicked tube.
Hmm ... The middle is a little too dark. This could have been avoided if the area would be less dangerous.
I prefer the "Temple".
Also be careful with the springs. They have been through ...average used here. To jump the player above the sand ..

In summary, remove the tube, and... practice. Maybe high platforms to change a bit ... there's not much to do in a race ...

Thank you to participants.


Now playing more with Sonic
Dail ... eh ? Whoever has done Lakeside Hill? It may not be possible! How can you make a level ... as old in 1 player and do something with much more work here?
It is a theme that strange ... but I immediately loved it. Sort of like "sand rock" with "industrial rock" ... hmm, it's hard to explain but I like it.
The items are well placed throughout. Except I saw two panels of scatter, but that's all.
I think it rings and rings banks are well placed. About towers, me, I would rather put access to the top of the towers through the central Rocky Mountains.
I removed the spring, if you prefer. But hey, it's not too serious.
A little more work on some basics such as the size of the level, and I think increase the score. Work a little more general, simply. It's good for me.

Thanks for your judging and score. I never thought I would get a score like this.

Oh, and my name is Dails, not Dail.


My multiplayer votes. I won't be voting on SP this contest, so this is my only vote post.


Forst Rush Zon Zone by Scizor300 - 1/10
Too small, barely enough room for 2 players, if even that. Also a bad rush job, etc. etc., you already know this. :P

Sandstorm Zone by Dails - 3/10
The colored sands clash with the black and white theme of the map. The map could use more content, and the gaps in the rock platform at the top of the map were annoying, although it did help prevent camping of the monitors.

Zero Effort Flower Zone Act 12 by D00D64 - 5/10
Came out pretty fun despite being a rush job, although it could use less pits.

AccursedDonut wad by Charybdizs - 1/10

Very empty. I like the concept, but it doesn't play well. The severe lag is what hurts the stage most, as I can't hit anyone much less see them with the horrible framerate.

Egg Hangar Hangman Hanger Zone by KO.T.E. and Spherallic - 7/10
Fun, but flawed. It feels kind of rushed, and the damaging electric grids kind of come out of nowhere. I also thought that you could walk on the lasers at first since there were goodies placed on the end of them. The pillars that move up and down really fast are fun to try and shoot people on. Also, tone down the sound effects please. :P


Frozen Destruction Zone by Scizor300 - 2/10
The base design is decent, but can be annoying if the control lag is bad. And there's pretty much nothing in the map aside from the bases.

Angle Forest Zone by Katmint - N/A
2 hour rush job, most of which was spent on the thing placement. Anyway, people complained that Cold Sea was too small and open, so I made this one bigger and less open. But I overdid it and it came out a little too big. On a side note, I don't see how it's mazelike, it's pretty much as linear as you can get. Which isn't a good thing either, but still, it's not a maze. :P

Mossy Mushroom Zone by RedEchidna - 4/10
Decent, but the mushrooms get in the way more than they help, since I kept accidentally hitting them on the side and getting knocked away. The base design could also use some work. Try placing the flag on top of the ledge instead of behind it, or something. :P


Lost Feelings Island by Internet Explorer - 6/10
This is your best map yet. The visuals feel just right for a race map. But I suggest getting rid of the route at the start that leads to a dead end, I missed the main path and was lost at the dead end for a while. It's also a little long, but it really doesn't hurt the map. On a closing note, the speed boosting river toward the end was fun. :P

Burned Mystic Desert Zone by Miles Knuckle Power - 1/10
Well, the only good thing is that you didn't use the crumbling platforms again. The rest of the flaws from Acid Valley are still here, including the atrocious zoom tube that is impossible to enter unless you are exactly lined up with the small hole.
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Maybe out of retirement?
On a side note, I don't see how it's mazelike, it's pretty much as linear as you can get. Which isn't a good thing either, but still, it's not a maze. :P
The whole inside segment in the middle of each path a) is cramped as hell in a few spots b) has weirdly shaped walls that make it hard to find forward.

Not to mention that the map is absurdly long (not "a little too big") and narrow and those springs must be a bad joke. I have no idea how you could consider this a remotely passable map.

Mr. Mystery

For shame, people. If y'all cannot do better than tossing in filler maps just for content next time, we prolly deserve to have the OLDC taken away from us until 2.1 (which I suspect is being discussed already).

== MATCH ==

Forst Rush Zon Zone (...) by Scizor300 - 2/10
- Semi-entertaining thanks to the chaoticness and the red springs, but you and I both know this is essentially a non-entry

Sandstorm Zone by Dails - 4/10
- Reminds me of Volcanic Desolation from the first 2.0 contest. That wasn't terribly good either.
- You can engage in some cute mind games on the towers, but beyond that there is not really anything noteworthy

Zero Effort Flower Zone Act 12 by D00D64 - 4/10
- Ironically a claustrophobic nightmare. Good effort though, now make real match stages again :p
- I once managed to achieve a monstrous spring launch at that little waterfall, caught at/over 5 seconds of air time, and stuck the landing on top of that steel tower. F'n sweet. Trying using a gimmick like that on something.

AccursedDonut.wad by Charybdizs - 4/10
- This one gave me a laugh when it loaded. I might have been tempted to score it a touch higher if there weren't so much other crap submitted
- There's some salvagable content here I think - bouncing across platforms floating on water was neat (though it makes you rail bait), and sorry Mystic but it was awesome using the donut sprinkles as cover to duck around and kick your ass with ;)


(I will probably never win a round with Mystic in it ever again)

Egg Coat Hanger Zone by KO.T.E/Spherallic - 6/10
- "Can't see shit" colormap
- The layout and texture useage is just kind of a cluttered, unmemorable mess, though it at least plays competently. Still, i'd consider throwing out/remodeling some of these rooms completely
- Remove some bounce ammo
- You appear to have rowdy neighbors hiding in this map. Tell them to stop making that shrill fucking racket at random intervals

== CTF ==

Frozen Destruction Zone by Scizor300 - 3/10
- Take the base layout, un-break it for Knux, refine it and make something of it in a different map. Scrap everything else.

Angle Forest Zone by Katmint - 1/10
- Oh god, what?
- Seriously, one of the most unplayable CTF maps i've seen. Consists entirely of one narrow maze (with about 3 textures), with blind corners everywhere to instill paranoia, and the place apparently winds through the twilight zone. Takes forever to finish, even if one team really sucks, because camping is about the only way to play - I know I was ready to beat my head on a wall at about the 15 minute mark. Unsalvagable.

Mossy Mushroom Zone by RedEchidna - 6/10
- Fun if generic when the mushrooms are not considered
- Suffers from a little of the "blind corner paranoia" of the previous map
- Scrap the bases for the above reason
- One-way mushroom bouncing over a deathpit is a little cruel to ask when there's lag. Tone that down somewhat.


Lost Feelings Island by Internet Explorer - 5/10
- Previously known as "Isle of Software Renderer Errors (Shield your eyes o visitors)"
- Very flashy, but lacks the finesse to not be a near-total thokfest
- Occasionally unclear where to turn
- Not that I have a problem with marathon circuit maps per se, but i'd do something about the length, seeing as if you're a lap behind when the leader finishes, you're all but guaranteed to time over.

Burned Mystic Desert Zone by Miles Knuckle Power - 1/10
- Congratulations, you made Acid Valley again except with every shred of redeeming value vaccuumed (burnt?) out. There is nothing here.


Emblem Radar Ready
With how the OLDC is going, I might want to return to the oldc. At least then we won't have completely horrid levels.


Graphic & Sprite Modder.
I am disappointed with this Single Player Contest that's for sure...

~Single Player~
Level: Lakeside Hill Zone
Name: Dail

Rating: 2

This level felt like a rush job or a 1st level, I was being careful because going through a map your not familier with can lead to problems, but this map ended so quickly that I forgot that I even played it, it begs to have more effect put into this, really.
Level: Outerspace Threat Zone
Name: Miles Prower Knuckle
Rating: 1

[19:03.38] <SonicX8000> What the f...
[19:03.47] <SonicX8000> 1 second into the level, BAM!, dead
What am I seeing here? A Eggman Boss protected by a Laser Block which hurts the eyes due to how big it is and flashing and also prevents you from doing anything to the Boss, but what's this? I saw Missiles and then I figured what your suppose to do here, bring the missiles into his face to deal damage.

Oh wait... he's a smaller target to hit with Missiles so pretty much it's almost impossible to ram a Missile into him because you have to be close just to line up your shots correctly, but by then he would of moved out of the way and thus you have to wait even longer to get another Missile. I only managed to hit him twice before I gave up because the level dragged on too long.

Hopefully I didn't post pass the deadline like last time...
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>WTB lamp oil
Okay, vote time.

This time, due to the complaints I received last time, I won't use big bold text at all. I'm going to go the extra mile for you hard to please people, and make it extra small.


Forst Rush Zon [AKA Copypasta "Zon"] Zone by Scizor300

Rating: 4/10 - Mediocre

Well, this wasn't the first time I ever played the map, as you played it with me once before. Heck, it was sitting in my Downloads folder, I should have taken it and submitted it as my work. Oh wait, why would I do that? Ha, anyways, I gave this a 4, because although it wasn't anything remarkable, it was admittedly fun to play on. Obviously a lot copy and pasting, but still... It's fun to rail someone going off one of the springs, and see them fall the long way back to earth. [WARNING: FROM HERE ON TO THE END OF THIS POST THERE IS NOTHING RELEVANT TO YOUR MAP IN THE LEAST] Hmm, someone should make a really good forest match map one of these times. Maybe me. After I finish Peaceful Past Zone. And my mod. Crap, too much to work on. If only I had 3 lives, one for social life and hobbies, one for SRB2, and one for... I dunno, maybe I could get into WoW or something just to use it up.

Sandstorm Zone [AKA I just randomly made lots of sectors Zone] by Dails

Rating: 3/10 - Bad

I'm looking at this one in Doom Builder right now, and it looks like you just hit the linedef button and stretched it in all different directions. All at once. Then, you randomly plopped things down in random places, regardless of quantity. To top it all off, you added floating rocks for a ceiling, and a few towers of poor texture choice. And sand. Nevertheless, it wasn't absolutely horrid, and there was a few good ideas, like the sand fall and the bustable block with the grenade ring inside. It needs moar sandstorms though. Oh, and what's with the sand, did you pee in it or something?

Zero Effort Flower Zone IIIIIIIN SPAAAAAAACE Act 12 [AKA Awsum Greenflower Zone] by D00D64

Rating: 7/10 - Good

I wish I lived here, it has everything I would ever want. A nice red brick cottage. A tower with a circle of glass on top. A plateau to picnic on. Multiple escape craft to fly away in case of an emergency. And curves, lots of curves. They look nice with a Greenflower texture. They give the whole place a rather chiq flair.

AccursedDonut.wad [AKA Dyabeetus Zone] by Charybdizs + Colson

Rating: Over 9000/10 - Good! Great! Awesome! Outstanding! Amazing!

Cheers to all those who took this seriously. In case anyone didn't get this... This was a response to the level "AccursedShip.wad" that was going around a lot on the MS a while. It was made by Jaice/DeathMau5/Fud, and was actually a big fail of a level. It consisted of a big pit of [non colormapped] water, and a translucent ship. And, did I mention, only one spring to get out of the water? And only Rail rings. Anyways, my map is quite a lot better, although it still [intentionally] stinks. I got the idea to it one time after seeing the Accursedship.wad server way too many times. Then, it morphed into this, and I submitted it to the OLDC. Why? Clearly it stinks. I submitted it solely to make people laugh. Everyone loves a good joke, and I know I cracked some of you up. Mission accomplished.

Mystic said:
Try checking out level design 101 for some general ideas for layout.

Apparently there is a few people who didn't get the joke, so I just need to clear this up. I knew what was wrong with this map the moment I made it. In fact, I made it that way on purpose, for the reasons stated above. Don't you think I know how to design a serious level? Well, it's true that Misty Mire may have had an unforeseen error in it, but still. I've clearly made better than this, and am capable of more. In fact, the only reason I didn't have a serious entry this contest, was because they are taking more time, and weren't ready yet.

Oh, and something about the name... I just happened to notice that everyone calls every dumb wad by its complete filename. e.g. House21.wad, HMS1123211.wad, stuff like that, so I thought it was only appropriate to name this the same way. XD

Ah, how mean I am to associate Colson with this pile of dung when all he did was scatter some things around and give me a few ideas. You hear that Colson? I'm soiling your name bigtime!

Egg Hanger Zone [AKA Deathtrap Loudnoise Zone] by KO.T.E. and Spherallic

Rating: 6/10 - Decent

I was seriously expecting something GREAT here, and I was sorely disappointed. I started on the outside area, and immediately saw the cool dropping blocks. As, they say, curiosity killed the fox. I just jumped out, flew around a little, flapped my tails around, and flapflapflapflapflapMEOWsquish. And then, I was dead. For the first time of many times. From there I proceeded to run and flap around the level, enjoying the exhilarating feel of stepping on electrity grids placed in narrow halls, and excessive bounce rings flying in every direction. And then, when I thought it couldn't get any better, a sound 3 times as loud as the normal sound effects blasted out of my speakers, thrilling me to the bone. Then I went to walk out on a laser platform to grab some convenient ammo, and I fried my furry little toes off, and died.

It's like you guys just tried to make this place a living hell. I can honestly say that I enjoyed Forst Rush Zon better than this. Sure, it's beautiful, but as our very own Mystic says in similar words, decoration isn't everything, and I have to say I agree with him in this case. The level is terribly cramped, with jutting structures to stop your every move, and obstacles meant to harm you every other step. Almost all the points I'm giving you are for creating a level that is really cool to look at.

Oh, and well I'm at it, whats with the lasers and the arrows that beckon you to enter into a trap? I thought there'd be a cool teleporter or something, but no, I just lost all my hard earned pillaged weapons.

Capture the Flag:

Frozen Destruction Zone [AKA Unoriginal Freeze Zone] by Scizor300

Rating: 4/10 - Mediocre

Huh, I can't say I absolutely hate this map, but it sure didn't strike me as being great. For one thing, the ice theme is SO overused, can't you PLEASE think of something else next time? There's so much room for imagination with all the textures, music, skies, and linedefs.

At least the bases were unique though. I liked the series of steps up to them, and how you could just go flying out as soon as you grabbed the flag. That's all that is really good about it though. The rest consisted of a bunch of bland trails above a giant sky pit.

Angle Forest Zone [AKA Long Fun Road Zone] by Katmint

Rating: 7/10 - Good

Well, I've seen a lot of hate for this zone, and I can't say I understand it. Sure, it has it's glaring flaws, such as the thok barrier sky walls, and the lack of texture variation. A lot of people complained about how long it was, and how it felt like a big obstacle course. I can't say I find that a bad thing. The long obstacle course feel of it made it an actual
accomplishment to capture the flag, and it was a heck of a lot of fun to sail down the hallways full speed avoiding fire. And then, careening out into space in the giant lake room to bounce off the springs and go flying through the air. It had a flair that I've never seen in any other CTF level, and it was the funnest one of all of them to play. In fact, so fun that I made a special request to play it on Red-er, Rainbow Dash's server today. And really, I don't see why everyone freaks about the spring panels. Sure, it's a relatively cheap gimmick, but it's not that hard. I didn't die once on them, until I got cocky and started taking them 3 at a time, and falling short. They also gave a HECK YEAH feeling when you bounced across them fast while being pursued.

This level
definitely could use some polishing though, style wise. It seems rather slapped together. Sure it's a rush job, but still, I've noticed that in all your levels. Fun anyways though, and if people hate it, it's probably just because they're spoiled by ridiculously easy Lime Forest captures. *smirk*

Mossy Mushroom Zone [AKA Needs Moar Ponies Zone] by Rainbow Dash

Rating: 8/10 - Great

What is this I don't even...

This is so pathetically disappointing.
I wanted some magic.
Or some castles.
Or at least a freaking apple orchard.
But no, all I get is a bunch of mushrooms.
Thanks for nothing.


Lost Feelings Island [AKA Beyond Words Zone] by Internet Explorer

Rating: 10/10 - Epic

Definitely the best race level I've seen. There is so much to praise in this level I'm not not even going to bother with the things other people said. The level fits the name perfectly. It's almost as if the level is composed of people's shattered and discarded memories, as evidenced by the unexpected holes in the floor, and the chunks of flying sod. I can tell you put so much love into this level, it's wonderful. You've progressed very fast in level making...

A few tricks I love in this level, too. First to come to mind is the white moving FOF to represent wind. That was just a really innovative way to do it.

The only problem with this level is that it is sometimes easy to stray from the path, especially in the beginning. That alone does not stop it from being worthy of it's Epic rating though.

Oh, and I SO want to play H&S on this level. I have yet to check if it supports it yet though. Personally I think it should just be standard for people to make their race/match levels support H&S, because it can be feasibly played about anywhere but giant Single Player levels.

Burned Mystic Desert Zone [AKA Recolored Acid Valley Zone] by Miles Knuckle Prower
Rating: 2/10 - Awful

Huh, what is this? It suffers all the same faults of Acid Valley, although not to the same extent. I think you need to take some lessons from the other good race levels. Not such huge areas, cheap decorations, wide obstacles, and please no zoom tubes to loop back to the start.



Wasn't the greatest OLDC, but it definitely had it's enjoyable moments, and it's laughing moments. I would hate to see it stop altogether, but perhaps it might be a good idea to do it less frequently? perhaps 4 or 3 a year instead of 6?

Anyways, whatever the case, I hope to finish Peaceful Past Zone, which I've mentioned so much, for the next one or two, who knows. It's a fairly in depth project, but I assure you I'm not cutting any corners. :D
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Maybe out of retirement?
So here's my voting post. Just SP for now. I will try to do multiplayer even if I might not get to play it in a netgame. In that case, I will just comment on whatever I can and not give out valid scores. If I do get to play, well, then I will give out scores obviously.

So one of you two gets the golden user title for this, huh? I think we should make an exception and not give out one at all for Single Player this time.

Lakeside Hill Zone by Dails - 2/10
Don't you think that 40 sectors aren't exactly many for a single player map? In fact, they're usually too few for a Match map, and those are much smaller than single player maps. Not only that, but you lost interest halfway through. You've made some attempts to flesh out the design of the first half by adding some decorations, but once I've reached the checkpoint, the rest of the level is just a U-turn and an end sign tucked away in a corner. I <i>know</i> that it probably took a while to make this, so it's understandable if you lost patience, but making a single player level is not just a matter of hours. It's a matter of weeks, if not months, usually.

There were a few technical problems here: The Crawlas all face the same direction, so if the player comes around the bend, they face away from him and stand still. You can rotate them in the Things menu. The spikes need the "Solid" flag checked, in the Things menu too (also, Glaber, it's called Ambush flag now, and even if it was still the deaf flag, it wouldn't be the "def" flag ;) ). The fans in the water aren't strong enough. Increase the Angle value to the height that you need, which should be 472 plus a bit of leeway, so ideally around 500. The exit has two unescapable holes. Either put springs there or just don't make any holes there. Also, you put the rows of bushes, sunflowers and the group of Crawlas so close together that their sprites overlap each other. That looks weird, so move them apart a bit.

The "secret area" was pretty easy to get to (and could also be abused to finish the map in under 10 seconds, which shouldn't be happening). I don't know why there were springs leading up the tree because there was nothing on it. I also don't know why you made so many platforms to lead to the 1-up if I could just jump on the last one and take. Not to mention that a 1-up seems a pretty powerful item for such an easy-to-find spot. And while I'm at it, trees look nicer when their trunks are round.

All in all, you grasped most of the basics of mapping, but you really need to make more out of that knowledge. Even a "short and simple" map should be about a minute long, probably. GFZ1 is an exception because it introduces players to the game, but if you make a custom stage this short, chances are it'll be pretty boring.

Outerspace Threat Zone by Miles Knuckle Prower - 2/10
I have no idea why you submitted a boss map to the OLDC, but whatever, at least it's SOCced. I give you one point because it's theoretically playable and one because you at least had a concept for the boss. Otherwise, what is this shit? The laser walls are irritating enough to give people seizures, not to mention that because the boss was enshrined in them, it was pathetically hard to actually steer the missile in Eggman's direction AND have enough luck that he doesn't move away after you've jumped off. Most of the time, I couldn't even grab the missile at all, because once they reached me, Eggman was already shooting a Bomb ring after it. I can't GRAB the fucking missile if this thing shoots at me. The pop-up turrets also served no purpose; I always killed them right away and then I attacked the boss. Which, I might add, I did not bother defeating.

Oh, and Charybdizs: I think you overdid it with the small text, it's a bit annoying to read. Normal text should be just fine, although if you think your reviews take up too much space, put them in spoiler tags like I did.
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Internet Explorer



Lost Feelings Island [AKA Beyond Words Zone] by Internet Explorer

Rating: 10/10 - Epic

Definitely the best race level I've seen. There is so much to praise in this level I'm not not even going to bother with the things other people said. The level fits the name perfectly. It's almost as if the level is composed of people's shattered and discarded memories, as evidenced by the unexpected holes in the floor, and the chunks of flying sod. I can tell you put so much love into this level, it's wonderful. You've progressed very fast in level making...

- Make a heart attack -

I thought not of arriving here ! Thank you very much.
He would have been better if I shall have been able to put a personalized music. The music of Colision Chaos (MIDI) has no report with the theme...

But " the best race that I saw" should be a stroke of luck. In 1-PLAYER, I think that my level design is "correct", but without more.
I have to train again a lot.
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