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[Reusable] Marbula Racing Cup (V.2.2a)

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Hello and welcome race fans, to the "Marbula Racing cup"! The five tracks on this pack are all based on marble tracks from the Youtube channel Jelle's Marble Runs that debuted on the lovely year of 2020. Now, without further ado, here are the racetracks!

[MAP YQ]: Startdust Marathon GP

Space, the final frontier...usually. In this case, it is the very first track of the cup courtesy of Team Galactic! People all around the planet have come here to celebrate the beggining of the circuit, so don't dissappoint them!


[MAP YR]: Short Circuit GP

The hometrack of the Thunderbolts! Enter into a digital world, where firewalls are going crazy due to a supposed virus in the location. Just like in the original Marbula One, this is the shortest track in the cup.


[MAP YS]: Momotorway GP

The ruins of an old city were the chosen spot for Team Momo's racetrack, featuring the usual crushers and spiky balls that you can expect in place like this. Despite these dangers, the track is more chill compared to the others and serves as a little break between the other tracks.


[MAP YT]: O'Raceway GP

Someone has spilled oil all over the place in the homeground of the O'rangers! Though they managed to clean up most of the mess, there is still some slippery oil in some parts of the track, but that won't stop this race to take place in the borders of a small canyon.
Some say the culprit is lurking around somewhere in these parts.


[MAP YU]: ???

Bonus: Road Runner Times!
The elusive Road Runner has been spotted in the racetracks setting up time records! We don't know why but it seems that he just enjoys racing every now and then. (Note: In order to see Road Runner as a Time Attack ghost, you need to add him first)

V.1.0: Initial release with Short Circuit GP, Momotorway GP and O'Raceway GP.

V.1.1: Quick re arrengement of mapslots since there were conflicts with pre existing ones.

V.1.1.1: Short Circuit GP: added a missing death zone in the big jump.

-Added Stardust Marathon GP
- Short Circuit GP: reworked some death zones and added a little bit more billboards

V.2.1: Fixed an issue that causes crashes with tracks from Omega Tracks and Dimension Break

-Stardust Marathon GP: Made changes to preven track exploits
- Momotorway GP: Changes were made so frame rate doesn't freeze when exiting the cave on Lap 1
, and removed the final item set. Road Runner Time has been adjusted to this change.




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Oh wow, I remember watching Jelle's years ago. Seeing a map pack take inspiration from those courses really threw me for a loop.
Quick Fix for Short Circuit GP, as it was missing a death zone. Any needed changes to the tracks will be made in a future update along with the new track being added.
Version 2.0 is here, meaning a new map is availabe! the track was originally from the Marble League but I feel it will fit right at home with the other tracks from the Marble League. I also made a few changes to the death zones in Short Circuit GP as I saw a few people getting soft locked in a specific spot, plus a few more Thunderbolt signs added.

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