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[Character] Link & Epona v1.1

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Link and Epona ride away into SRB2 Kart! (Thats probably where they went after Majora's Mask)

Their stats are speed: 6 and weight: 9, since horses are quite heavy, but Epona is pretty quick.

All the animations in this mod are ripped directly from Ocarina of Time (for Link) and Majora's Mask (for Epona). The models are ripped from Majora's Mask.

Map icon is done by Maximus Universal.

  • Bugs relating to scale fixed! (Word of advice: don't get multiplication and division mixed up...)
  • Tatl added! By default, she'll now follow Link around. If you find this distracting, you can toggle her with the "toggletatl" command. She can be changed to navi with the "tatlcolor" command.


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The extra Lua to add to the animation & sound cues make this incredibly hypnotic. Welcome to releases

Tripel the fox

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It's been a while, but Link and Epona have been updated to v1.1! The extremely short changelog is in the main post.

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