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ok first thing, why make the quicksand water? The sand fall texture also feels weird not moving downwards.

the horizontal springs feel out of place without a wall to be against
To not let players climb to places where they're not supposed to, though this wouldn't be an issue with Knuckles and Tails, I might aswell change the spring sprites to dash panels maybe?


Knothole Valley


I'm actively working on a level for once. Anyways...

Name: Knothole Valley Zone (at least for now)

Progress: Maybe 10% done

Description: Heavily based on SSNTails' unfinished 3D recreation of Knothole Base, with many revamped (or completely custom) rooms and routes added. And no copy-pasting.


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Ruby Castle Zone has been drastically updated! Get the new version on the original post.

Holy cow! That's a huge update to an already huge level!
This was really fun to play through and the atmosphere changed so much between the two versions, it actually feels like you're storming a castle now and not just running through a ruby courtyard.
The only gripes I have with it is that it's a little more challenging near the end and I would put a checkpoint near that switch that opens up the second half of the spike platforming section or just next to the wall itself.
(also not to sound nitpicky or anything but this happens in OGL, I know not a lot of people test outside their native render because they're unable to or whatever.)
The Quest to improving visuals - Part #1 / 59 (Thanks everyone, your feedback has been very vital :) )

The Background textures color altered to use a slightly darker orange, I have also scaled up the texture from 128 to 256, Hope this makes the level less of a pain to look at lol.


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Updated my level :

-Level name is not Sonic's City anymore.
-New level name is : Abandoned City
-More decoration added
-Added level select picture

replaced the old level with the new one in first post.
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Found one already that I liked, Quandary Canyon.

also Update, Here are the changes:

  • Renamed the level to Quandary Canyon.
  • Added Level select picture.
  • Slightly changed some of the areas by adding some cliffs and changing some of the textures.
  • Added new x256 variants for some of the textures.
  • Added a Darker and larger version of the Rocks texture.
  • Replaced the Sand waterfalls with Quicksands with Downward currents.
  • Added an Arrow icon near the springs challenge to indicate that players need to strafe, and also changed the width of hallways.
  • Added Dash panels, which are basically Horizontal Red Springs with a different sprite (taken from Sprites Resource).

File Updated in the original post.


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Ah if you're going to use the booster sprites, then I should finish up my booster resource.

Edit, they're done and ready for download on the Community discord. attempting release on here.
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^ Nice, would love to.

Also another Quick update, changed the Sand falls near the very end of the stage to Quicksand with Downwards current (forgot these) and very minor visual changes to the first 2 areas.

File updated in the original post.
Level Update :

-jetty-syn, buzz and the sharp Enemies are removed.
because it makes the gameplay of the level a lot better.

the wad is updated in first post.
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Nature's done more than just taken it's course. Lush Meadow's looking more like a jungle, but that's what makes it so LUSH!


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Level Update :

-Crawla Enemies in the cave part of the level are moved to a better location.
-at the end of the level are now 1 lifebox not 3 anymore. (the swimpool)

the wad is updated in first post.
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I won’t be able to enter this time around due to RL stuff. Good luck to everyone entering!! Hopefully I’ll get in next time!
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