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some actual level design this time
I lied (Romio you fucker), Couldn't resist heh.

a desert-themed map made fully of custom textures and sprites (minus enemies and few water and sand textures).

Btw here's a .gif


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Well this is due to Software renderer which makes them look fuzzy, I tried scaling them up and the results weren't good (they look fine on Higher resolutions and when walking close to them so that's fine) there is some texture and size variation however, so you won't be looking at the same texture all the time.
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I wanted to be consistent with others, but I guess I can't, because how everybody goes with their own way. I don’t say that’s bad thing, but I see lovely work right there.

Then I done some changes to skybox, because I have to increase quality to keep up with everyone else :D.




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Surprise motherfucker

Sloped FOFs and abandoned ruins?

My, I thought this would be a simple mineshaft!


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A new path has opened up!
As if there weren't enough...


Also a look at the new textures put in place.


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A bit of update on the progress of my map.


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Releasing my level, titled Grand Canyon (how creative), I couldn't think of any more stuff to add in so I'll just go with this one, will continue to update it if any bugs show up, give it a go and let me know what you guys and girls think :)

UPDATE #5 : Record Attack and Minor visual bug fixes.

Download : (Attached)
Title : Quandary Canyon
Submitters : Me.
Credits : Dust Hill sprites, textures and Skybox by Dolphman, Horizontal Springs by DirkTheHusky and Lach.
Music : Ranger X Stage 1-1 "Desert" & Aladdin "Camel Jazz"
Maintainer Notes: (Software renderer only) Desert themed stage, featuring 5 different pathways, and 2 hidden areas, challenges you encounter are determined by the route you choose, oh and some slopes.


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Romio, I and a handful of other people on the discord server played this map and I gotta say it's solid. I had a lot of fun with it. One thing that needs a serious overhaul is the textures. By that I don't mean you need to change everything, just one simple (but important) issue. The huge outer walls have the same small tiling texture that the landscape structures have. That's just not visually pleasing. Choosing a texture that a) is darker than the foreground textures and b) is wayyy larger and isn't obviously tiling would help dramatically.

As far as gameplay goes, the slopes definitely provide a lot of action in a lot of areas of this level. However, there are still some issues. There's this long bottomless pit room with a few rows of springs in it that you get launched into via red horizontal springs. A lottttt of people in the discord server had problems with this. If you're playing as any character slower than sonic, and somehow get out of your spinning animation before getting launched into the pit, you won't have a chance of traversing it. In contrast, some people had trouble slamming into the first wall obstacle of that pit, which happens if you don't strafe. I'm all for encouraging people to strafe, but maybe just make this pit a bit more forgiving? It's near the start of the level, after all.

Regardless of this, I had a lot of fun playing it. It's a good length, it looks like an actual canyon, and it has a lot of fun ideas. Not to mention the two secret rooms (one of which I actually found without looking in zone builder lmao). If you could just make these small but significant changes, this level would be even better as a result.
My level is done download link below.

Download :
Title : Abandoned City
Submitters : Michael12345
Credits : none
Music : dreamspoiler
Maintainer Notes: none


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@Shiron : Thanks for the feedback :) yeah I think I'll place an arrow for the springs challenge to tell players to strafe there and will change the width for the hallways to make it beatable with the other characters, the textures were a bit darker before converting them to SRB2 Palette, but I'll try to change it to something else.


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Hey, Romio! I thought you were on the official Discord, but you're not appearing in my attempted @-ing, so.

There's another map called Grand Canyon that was released during the 2.0 era, and it's attained meme status for being extremely long and obnoxious. Whilst I don't think you need to change the name of your map, I figure you might as well know that another with the same name exists in case you do want to make sure it stands out.

Regarding feedback - I'm intentionally not playing any maps other than my co-developed one with fickle, as is standard for SUGOIs so I get to feel the huge rush of content all at once. Good luck and well wishes to everyone!
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