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The Helpful Fox, Senko San, has joined the race!


Speed: 3
Weight: 4


Senko's voice is the English dubbed version, and I apologize if there may be some faint snippets of music still lingering in her ingame sounds.

This is my first contribution as a content creator, as well as pixel art creation as a whole. It's been a very long process to learn, and while it's proven a bit stressful at times, it's been quite fun. A great many thanks go out to the helpful people in the SRB2K Discord's modding section (Notably StreetsTM, Superjustinbros, VGBoy Ferro and Aluigi) for giving some helpful advice and input during the process of Senko's creation. This mod likely wouldn't be existing without their help.

Also I don't claim ownership of Senko herself or anything regarding Doom, Sonic, Sega and etc etc.


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my old posts are very dumb (formerly rayfan)
Damn! Nice job. Though I can do better.
What's the point of bragging that you "can do better"? This is the first time this person has made a character and is that really all you gotta say?

Anyways, this is pretty neat. This is a really good character for someone who has just started spriting, though the tangerine color looks a bit too bright I think.


I'm probably going to revisit Senko after doing one or two more projects for a V2 overhaul, I do agree that she needs darker colors for a palette. Thank you for the support.

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