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hey, im new to srb2kart and also to the forums, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but yesterday i told a friend to download the game and play on public servers, and when he loads up the server list, only a few servers appear for him.

Instead of the usual 3 - 4 pages of servers that i get, he only gets 1 page of servers that only show like 5 or 6 servers.

We tried turning off firewall, and even his antivirus and still a few servers come up. He also tried redownloading the game to have it be vanilla srb2kart but not even that worked.

The weirdest thing about it is that when he refreshes the list, different servers appear each time, but its still a very short amount on the list.


on my OSX Catalina late 2019 macbook air, the SRB2Kart OSX build has some problems. it fails to build, and sometimes it gets killed with "SIGILL: Illegal Instruction".

The following patch fixes both issues:

commit 89dee6ee4b0815752d7947fcf906d3ac516cee48
Author: Kimberly Wilber <kimmy@kjwilber.org>
Date:   Sun Aug 9 12:15:29 2020 -0400

    fix building on OSX

diff --git a/src/sdl/CMakeLists.txt b/src/sdl/CMakeLists.txt
index 33c83b8b..5077daaf 100644
--- a/src/sdl/CMakeLists.txt
+++ b/src/sdl/CMakeLists.txt
@@ -146,8 +146,8 @@ if(${SDL2_FOUND})
 		find_library(CORE_LIB CoreFoundation)
 		target_link_libraries(SRB2SDL2 PRIVATE
-			SDL2
-			SDL2_mixer
diff --git a/src/w_wad.c b/src/w_wad.c
index 841d8fd3..4bafda51 100644
--- a/src/w_wad.c
+++ b/src/w_wad.c
@@ -150,7 +150,10 @@ FILE *W_OpenWadFile(const char **filename, boolean useerrors)
 	FILE *handle;
-	strncpy(filenamebuf, *filename, MAX_WADPATH);
+    if (filenamebuf != *filename) {
+        // avoid overlap
+        strncpy(filenamebuf, *filename, MAX_WADPATH);
+    }
 	filenamebuf[MAX_WADPATH - 1] = '\0';
 	*filename = filenamebuf;

You can apply this patch by running
$ git apply the-patch.txt


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The online mode doesn't work anymore. When I use the internet server browser, it just searches for a bit and redirects the glove cursor to the top of the screen, labeled as "LP.L'A.Y.ERS".


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The online mode doesn't work anymore. When I use the internet server browser, it just searches for a bit and redirects the glove cursor to the top of the screen, labeled as "LP.L'A.Y.ERS".

that's just the master server not working, that happens more times than there are medals in srb2k.


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SIGSEGV on boot, happens on both the standard and OpenGL versions.

Compiled for SDL version: 2.0.9
Linked with SDL version: 2.0.9
Setting up SRB2Kart...

Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart
Copyright (C) 1998-2018 by Kart Krew & STJr

This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of
the License, or (at your option) any later version.
See the 'LICENSE.txt' file for details.

Sonic the Hedgehog and related characters are trademarks of SEGA.
We do not claim ownership of SEGA's intellectual property used
in this program.

Looking for WADs in: SRB2WADDIR,.
Z_Init(): Init zone memory allocation daemon.
System memory: 2047MB - Free: 2047MB
W_InitMultipleFiles(): Adding IWAD and main PWADs.
Added file C:\Users\hexam\Downloads\srb2kart\srb2.srb (6214 lumps)
Loading main config from C:\Users\hexam\Downloads\srb2kart\srb2.srb
Added file C:\Users\hexam\Downloads\srb2kart\gfx.kart (1804 lumps)
Added file C:\Users\hexam\Downloads\srb2kart\textures.kart (4070 lumps)
Added file C:\Users\hexam\Downloads\srb2kart\chars.kart (526 lumps)
Added file C:\Users\hexam\Downloads\srb2kart\maps.kart (1684 lumps)
Loading SOC from C:\Users\hexam\Downloads\srb2kart\maps.kart|SOC_MAIN
Added file C:\Users\hexam\Downloads\srb2kart\patch.kart (1012 lumps)
Loading main config from C:\Users\hexam\Downloads\srb2kart\patch.kart
Added file C:\Users\hexam\Downloads\srb2kart\sounds.kart (668 lumps)
Added file C:\Users\hexam\Downloads\srb2kart\music.kart (118 lumps)
NOTE: Under SDL2, all modes are supported on all platforms.
Under opengl, fullscreen only supports native desktop resolution.
Under software, the mode is stretched up to desktop resolution.
0: 1920x1200
1: 1920x1080
2: 1680x1050
3: 1600x1200
4: 1600x900
5: 1366x768
6: 1440x900
7: 1280x1024
8: 1280x960
9: 1280x800
10: 1280x720
11: 1152x864
12: 1024x768
13: 800x600
14: 640x480
15: 640x400
16: 320x240
17: 320x200

Process killed by signal: SIGSEGV - segment violation

I_ShutdownSystem(): end of logstream.

There's the RPT file here, too.
View attachment srb2kart.zip

Not sure if this little bit of information can help, but I updated my video card drivers today.


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So I managed to get stuck inside a pipe somehow. (Kart 1.2)
I basically hit the pipe after going off the ramp, and managed to get 100% stuck inside it. A friend tried hitting me with a jet-jaws to try to get me out, and all that did was give me permanent invulnerability.


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Sigsegv error

So i opened kart 1.3 and i just get an error that says:
SIGSEGV - segment violation

This happens continually, so I get the 1.3 install file and extract it.
i open it in a newly "unpacked" game, and it still crashed.

Now this is when I'm trying to open the game in OpenGL, and opening via the EXE yielded the same results.

eventually I find that when I close the command prompt the opens when launching in OGL, before the game fully opens, the game works as normal.

But if I leave it, then I get the error.

EDIT: Oh, and if I'm playing in fullscreen and move the focus to a different window or the desktop I get the same error.

EDIT 2: And if I minimize it when its not in fullscreen I get the same error.
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I keep repeatedly getting crashed by Z_Free: wrong id. Happened 4 times in one night, and has happened repeatedly before.
macOS, latest version of Catalina.

It feels like this is happening whenever I'm playing online and someone else joins that server. Usually this happens at higher player counts, something like 12-15.
I restart the game and go to the same server and notice it has 1 or 2 more people.
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I dont know why, but ever since I upgraded to 1.3, loading maps takes way way longer than before. Before, it was instant, now it takes about 1 or more seconds to load a map. This makes time trials excruciating. :(
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Still getting hit by wrong id. I now strongly believe it's happening whenever the Master Server updates. I've noticed when I play offline multiplayer, I'll often see a console notice (and a minor hang) indicating the MS updated. But whenever I'm online, I never see such a notice. Instead, the game crashes frequently because of wrong id.


I have the following problem: I have two computers a PC and a Laptop both connected via LAN and I want to host a LAN game. If I open a LAN room on my Laptop, I can join that room on my PC, when I enter the IP address of my Laptop. For some reason when I try to open a room on the PC and then try to join that room on my Laptop, when I enter the IP address of my PC it won't connect. I don't know why when I host the game on my Laptop it works fine, however the other way around doesn't work at all.
Does this have to do with my network settings?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Record Attack Menu Crash

So in record attack, in the pause menu, if you press confirm and cancel on the same frame when your cursor is on restart or abort, the game crashes. The crash logs for the crashes is in the last two entries in the attached srb2kart.RPT file in the google drive. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1psEnL2bVfk-KllGk5dEVeQZFv6ZRLBsv

The bug quoted above also seems to occur (on 1.3) if you try to start a Record Attack race and go back to the title screen on the same frame. This is trivial to do due to the fact you can easily buffer inputs through screen transitions.
To reproduce: boot up the game and hold Enter during the title screen fade-in, then switch to holding Escape after a little bit of it fading to the Record Attack screen, and the game will surely crash (as holding Enter not only enters Record Attack but also buffers starting a race).


Error occurred on Saturday, July 10, 2021 at 00:26:32.

srb2kart.exe caused an Access Violation at location 0043CE12 in module srb2kart.exe Writing to location 00000000.

eax=00000000 ebx=00000000 ecx=00000000 edx=00000001 esi=1b7ff030 edi=018b6220
eip=0043ce12 esp=01c3f9a0 ebp=0000008d iopl=0         nv up ei pl zr na po nc
cs=0023  ss=002b  ds=002b  es=002b  fs=0053  gs=002b             efl=00010246

AddrPC   Params
0043CE12 6CA3D4A0 01C3FA38 6CA0F894  srb2kart.exe!G_SaveDemo
6C943F35 01D50410 6C95D0E9 01D50410  SDL2.dll!0x3f35
6CA0F894 0000008D 6CA0F824 01D503F0  SDL2.dll!SDL_DYNAPI_entry
0043D269 00000000 00000000 00000000  srb2kart.exe!G_CheckDemoStatus

ntdll.dll       6.3.19041.1081
KERNEL32.DLL    6.3.19041.1023
KERNELBASE.dll    6.3.19041.1082
ADVAPI32.dll    6.3.19041.1052
msvcrt.dll      7.0.19041.546
sechost.dll     6.3.19041.906
RPCRT4.dll      6.3.19041.1081
CRYPT32.dll     6.3.19041.844
USER32.dll      6.3.19041.906
WS2_32.dll      6.3.19041.546
ucrtbase.dll    6.3.19041.789
win32u.dll      6.3.19041.1081
GDI32.dll       6.3.19041.746
wldap32.dll     6.3.19041.546
gdi32full.dll    6.3.19041.928
IMM32.DLL       6.3.19041.546
msvcp_win.dll    6.3.19041.789
ole32.dll       6.3.19041.746
combase.dll     6.3.19041.1081
OLEAUT32.dll    6.3.19041.985
IPHLPAPI.DLL    6.3.19041.546
SETUPAPI.dll    6.3.19041.844
cfgmgr32.dll    6.3.19041.546
WINMM.DLL       6.3.19041.546
bcrypt.dll      6.3.19041.1023
SHELL32.dll     6.3.19041.1023
VERSION.dll     6.3.19041.546
PSAPI.DLL       6.3.19041.546
dbghelp.dll     6.3.19041.1052
dbgcore.DLL     6.3.19041.546
uxtheme.dll     6.3.19041.1081
comctl32.dll    6.10.19041.1083
SHLWAPI.dll     6.3.19041.1023
WindowsCodecs.dll    6.3.19041.1023
shcore.dll      6.3.19041.1023
OPENGL32.DLL    6.3.19041.1081
GLU32.dll       6.3.19041.1081
MSCTF.dll       6.3.19041.1081
kernel.appcore.dll    6.3.19041.546
bcryptPrimitives.dll    6.3.19041.1023
clbcatq.dll     2001.12.10941.16384
atiglpxx.dll    27.20.21003.8013
atioglxx.dll    27.20.21003.8013
dxva2.dll       6.3.19041.1
dwmapi.dll      6.3.19041.746
atigktxx.dll    27.20.21003.8013
atiadlxy.dll    27.20.21003.8013
PROPSYS.dll     7.0.19041.1023
pdh.dll         6.3.19041.906
DEVOBJ.dll      6.3.19041.546
WINTRUST.dll    6.3.19041.1052
MSASN1.dll      6.3.19041.546
windows.storage.dll    6.3.19041.1081
Wldp.dll        6.3.19041.662
dxcore.dll      6.3.19041.546
textinputframework.dll    6.3.19041.964
CoreUIComponents.dll    6.3.19041.546
CoreMessaging.dll    6.3.19041.867
ntmarta.dll     6.3.19041.546
wintypes.dll    6.3.19041.1081
dinput8.dll     6.3.19041.1
inputhost.dll    6.3.19041.906
HID.DLL         6.3.19041.546
XInput1_4.dll    6.3.19041.844
DSOUND.DLL      6.3.19041.1
winmmbase.dll    6.3.19041.1
powrprof.dll    6.3.19041.546
MMDevAPI.DLL    6.3.19041.1023
wdmaud.drv      6.3.19041.1
AVRT.dll        6.3.19041.546
ksuser.dll      6.3.19041.1
AUDIOSES.DLL    6.3.19041.1023
msacm32.drv     6.3.19041.488
MSACM32.dll     6.3.19041.1
midimap.dll     6.3.19041.488
resourcepolicyclient.dll    6.3.19041.546
Windows.UI.dll    6.3.19041.746
twinapi.appcore.dll    6.3.19041.746

Windows 6.3.9600
DrMingw 0.9.0


So I found something stinky in kart 1.3...

If you respawn at the right time during the start countdown, you can get the best boost start and some flash tics from when you normally respawn, uh oh! You may think this would be hard to do because you have to type respawn in console, but you can bind the command to a key via kartexec.cfg. The timing is still hard, but could be learned via practice. I swear this was not in kart 1.2, but it seems like this game has more spaghetti monsters then I have realized, like how in kart 1.2, the glue on some cuts was removed.

While the amount of invincibility is not too long, it is still enough to get an unfair advantage in netgames, especially if you are in the back of the starting grid. This next comment is about a mod, but it is still relevant since it's a very popular one. This is obviously made even worse with extended flash tics from kartmp, since you have EVEN MORE flash tics from a successful timing of this bug. Like with my last bug report, I will have a google drive with a video file and the .imp file of a successful attempt incase that is necessary. It's hard to see in the video because of the numbers, but when they disappear, you can briefly see Mighty flashing, which obviously happens when you have flash tics.

For some strange reason, and this started happening last week, my game would stay frozen and not respond at all the second I attempt to launch it, with no error message. Normally this issue hardly ever happens, but now it happens on nearly every single launch attempt to the point the game is unplayable. I've restarted my PC, and even launched a fresh install of the game, but to absolutely no avail. I'm also running v1.3.
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There's an issue with vertically scrolling Floor over Floor textures which contain transparency in software; the color shifts but the texture itself does not. This affects any floor over floor with a texture that has transparency. The FoFs in this wad are both scrolled with linedef type 506; the one on the left is only scrolled horizontally. This issue is also present in the current release of SRB2.


Another issue is that fake floor/ceiling planes only render correctly in spectator mode. This gif is from the fake planes example wad on the wiki. The correct rendering on the right was taken from the wiki.


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A SIGSEV Error when I try to open SRB2Kart (I'm not using OpenGL), it happens always when I open SRB2Kart.... I'm using V1.3.
Here's my RPT File:


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