When the nightmare is endless!!!
She's a great character and I have a bunch of fun playing her. only real issue is that she is quite prone to desynchs in multiplayer.
I'm shocked no-ones talked about how she can hug people back if you hug her and wait long enough. Super adorable and super deadly!! I don't know a single thing about Angle Beats sadly, so I don't really know much about the character other than the fact that she's an Angel, but M A N,you turned an anime character into an interesting and diverse playstyle for a glorified Doom Mod, and I 100% commend you for it, Lat. Awesome addon, I wanna see her used more in servers!


I was playing with Kandae on Aerial Garden Zone and her wings suddenly disappeared and and I got the attached error. Other then that she is very cool and it's nice to see anime in SRB2.


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Well I've gotten e.
Man I remember watching Angel Beats with a good friend and sobbed like heck at the end of it.

Kanade's definitely one of my fav characters from that and honestly she's super fun to play as here.


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Well, I finally tested her, and after realizing that she can't use the shield abilities, I got a few ideas for her own versions of those abilities (similar to Silver's Psycho Boost interacting with the shields)

Whirlwind Shield: Enhanced Angel Wings strength (basically a higher double jump)
Elemental Shield: Enhanced vertical speed while diving downwards, with the usual flames left behind by the shield after hitting the ground
Armageddon Shield: Hitting a wall while diving downwards detonates the shield
Force Shield: Stops her after hitting a wall while diving downwards/slashing forward on air, enabling her to use Angel Wings to slowfall
Attraction Shield: Zoom towards the nearest enemy while diving downwards
S3&K Bubble Shield: Bounce up if she hits the ground while diving downwards, enabling her to dive again
S3&K Flame Shield: Enhanced horizontal speed while diving downwards
S3&K Thunder Shield: Keep height when diving downwards for 5 seconds, then the dive cancels itself

EDIT: I just noticed a bug with points awarded by enemies
When an enemy is killed directly by her Hand Sonic attack, it doesn't award any points at all!
But enemies killed by the slash performed after dashing or by the slashed robots' pieces actually award points normally
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i havent watched angel beats yet, might binge it sometime. besides that, this is a pretty cool mod. i like how i can cut through enemies and monitors.


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kanade:get released
also everyone:ye lets add her into ALL THE FUCKING SERVERS


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I love it, finally. I can have anime in my SRB2.

No, but really, this character is fun as heck to use, great job!