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Jam Sonic Thread (previously YAS)


The design could use some work. If he’s inspired by the saturn games you should maybe use some design choices from them. Moveset plan?
The old design (YAS before the thread edit) is scrapped, and now I will make sprites accurate to the Jam artwork. The new moveset is yet to be planned but I did start making the new physics for him


So... I have decided to post this proof of concept script (DO NOT REUSE OR STEAL).
Why? Because I have recieved very mixed opinions on the GIFs I posted in the Discord, and I'm not sure if it even feels right or if the values were scaled correctly from the Genesis pixels to FRACUNITs, and I do know if it's good or not is based on personal preferences, so I really need criticism.
So far, this does not have slope support and there are lots bugs, keep in mind I am not requesting bug testers, I only want opinons.

If I catch you hosting or using or editing this, i will snap your neck
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Personally, I am very proud of what I did so far, I am having a lot of fun messing around with it! It took me a lot of effort to figure out some ground physics math, but I think it was worth it...
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I have concluded the only flaw with this is the lack of turning physics, resulting in extremely slippery turning at high speeds. So yes, I do need to tweak them a bit to work in 3D.
However I am extremely sick now so I can't do progress for now, additionally I have no idea how turning physics should be done.
I think air physics are fine thought.
If you can help or have more flaws to point out, feel free to reply to the thread.
I haven't started on the sprites yet either, however the art style might look similar to Starlight's sprite which can be found by digging in the CS.


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